Micronational Community of Australia

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Micronational Community of Australia
Regional Organization
MCA Logo.png



President Zecheriah O'Hair

Establishment 25 March 2021

The Micronational Community of Australia, abbreviated as MCA, is a regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union of micronations in Australia. It was established on the 25th of March, 2021, with the aim of creating a forum for dialogue between all Australian micronations and promoting peace and economic cooperation between them.


The MCA is often credited as being the successor of the Australian Micronational Council, which was a regional organization in Australia and was a part of Zecheriah O'Hair's wider scheme for a Global Micronational Council, designed to be built from regional organizations that would, in turn, elect representatives to vote on the matters regarding global issues in micronationalism. This Global Council saw limited success, with its councils being limited to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Australia, and several states of the United States, with many councils being made up of fewer than five members. Most of these councils would end up being plagued with issues, such as lack of a charter and inactivity, resulting in O'Hair drawing up plans for a new, more unitary regional organization to be based in Australia, abandoning his ambitions for any global council. As such, O'Hair announced his resignation with three day's notice on the 29th of October, 2020, making all regional councils independent organizations. The Australian Micronational Council would continue to exist-albeit inactively-until the foundation of the MCA.

Logo of O'Hair's Global Micronational Council

The first signing of the MCA's founding document, the Treaty of Canberra, took place on the 25th of March, 2021. The Treaty was signed by Etukan, Coldaynia, Chriona, Lurdentania and Matthewopia. Other members would soon join, including the Kingdom of Titan, Crogallia, Australland and Götterzene, as well as the Saarditian Empire, a micronation in New Zealand that joined as an observer. Matthewopia would eventually leave the MCA after its dissolution on the 10th of June, followed shortly by Titan on the 4th of August after its collapse.

The Treaty of Canberra outlines several terms and objectives for the MCA and it's members. These include, but are not limited to;

  • The prevention of disputes between its members.
  • The settling of present disputes between members by peaceful and diplomatic means.
  • The guarantee of support of members for each other in times of dire circumstances.
  • Represent as a united bloc at all international platforms.

O'Hair was re-elected unanimously for his 2nd term on the 19th of October, 2021, with the M.C.A.'s charter being adopted shortly after on the 28th of October.

Requirements for membership

The Treaty of Canberra designates that to become a member state, an Australian micronation must first be invited to accede to the Treaty of Canberra by unanimous agreement from the council. Once invited, the government of the micronation will be expected to ratify the treaty, at which point they will become a member of the Council.

While there is no official criteria for becoming an observer state, it is generally accepted that an observer state is any micronation that has been invited to join the MCA (often as only an "observer", despite this not being an existing role under current policies) and is present in the Council, but has not ratified the Treaty of Canberra and thus has no obligations to uphold MCA policy and no right to vote on legislation in the Council.


President of the Council of the Micronational Community of Australia

The President of the Council of the Micronational Community of Australia, formerly the Secretary General, is the executive leader of the MCA and the Council of the MCA. The President is responsible for orchestrating the proceedings of the Council, holding votes in the Council and forming a cabinet. The President is elected for a term of 6 months and may serve an unlimited number of terms. The first and incumbent President of the organization is Zecheriah O'Hair, who was elected Secretary General on the 9th of May, 2021 with two out of four votes over the other two candidates, Matthew Hubbard and Rory Leonard. He was re-elected unanimously for his 2nd term on the 19th of October, 2021.

No. Name Micronation Term of office
1 Zecheriah O'Hair Etukanflag2021.png Empire of Etukan 9 May 2021 Incumbent
First President of the Micronational Community of Australia, incumbent since shortly after it's foundation.

Cabinet of the Micronational Community of Australia

The President of the MCA also has the ability to designate some of his duties to a cabinet. The current cabinet, formed on the 13th of June, 2021 per the suggestion of the Lurdentanian delegation consists of the President alongside 5 ministers. All ministers have a set area of administration that they have been tasked with managing by the President.

Office Logo Name Micronation Appointed
Minister for Culture and Initiatives
MCA Initiatives Logo.png
David Brooke
Ameristralian Flag.svg The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia
2 October 2021
Minister for General Affairs and Membership
MCA General Affairs Logo.png
Rory Leonard
Flag of Lurdentania.svg Empire of Lurdentania
2 October 2021
Minister for Organisation and Council Affairs
MCA Council Organisation Logo.png
Joshua Braithwaite
Spoonsylvania.png Principality of Spoonsylvania
2 October 2021

Minister for Social Media

Kevin Doan

Blazdonia.png Kingdom of Blazdonia

23 October 2021


The MCA has numerous programs centering around mutual aid and assistance for and between member states.

Services Program

The MCA Services Program was created on the 21st of October, 2021. It aims to create a dialogue between members where members may request and offer services including, but not limited to;

  • The creation of flags.
  • The creation of coats of arms and other emblems.
  • The creation of medals and ribbon bars.
  • The creation of infographics.
  • Assistance for using encyclopaedias such as MicroWiki and Wikipedia.
Ribbon bar of the MCAAM.

The Lurdentanian House of Commons Commendations Medal, the logo of the Lurdentanian House of Commons, the Lurdentanian Star of Appreciation and all state flags of Blazdonia are all products of the program. Matthew Hubbard's Music by Matthew H is also available through the program with a commission fee.

MCA Appreciation Medal

The Micronational Community of Australia Appreciation Medal was established on the 24th of October, 2021 by the Minister for Culture and Initiatives David Brooke to be awarded to individuals in recognition of their contributions to the community. Any member state may nominate an individual for the award, the conferral of which will then be voted on by the Council.

Name Status upon conferral Date of conferral
Etukanflag2021.png Zecheriah O'Hair President of the MCA 24 October 2021
Flag of Lurdentania.svg Rory McPhail Minister for General Services and Membership 24 October 2021
Spoonsylvania.png Joshua Braithwaite Minister for Organisation 24 October 2021
Blazdonia.png Kevin Doan Minister for Social Media 24 October 2021
Ameristralian Flag.svg David Brooke Minister for Culture and Initiatives 6 November 2021

Strategic and Logistical Exercises

On the 3rd of November, 2021, the MCA announced that it would hold a military strategy course hosted by Lurdentania. Delegates from Lurdentania, Etukan and Blazdonia were given authorisation to operate the armed forces of Lurdentania for the exercise.



Full members

  Represents founding nations
Nation Date joined Delegate
Etukanflag2021.png Empire of Etukan 24 April 2021 Zecheriah O'Hair
The Empire of Coldaynia Flag.png Empire of Coldaynia Arson/Asriel
Chriona flag.png Chriona Chris
Flag of Lurdentania.svg Empire of Lurdentania Rory McPhail
Flag of Australland.png Federal Monarchy of Australland 4 June 2021 Lachlan Steenson
Flag of Götterzene.png Duchy of Götterzene 12 June 2021 Unfilled
Constitutional Monarchy of Crogallia 24 May 2021 Andrea Surace
Ameristralian Flag.svg The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia 16 August 2021 David Brooke
Spoonsylvania.png Principality of Spoonsylvania 11 September 2021 Joshua Braithwaite
Blazdonia.png Kingdom of Blazdonia 3 October 2021 Kevin Doan
The Empire of Beltzur 4 October 2021 Hezekiah Xior
Kingdom of Australand.jpg Kingdom of Australand 8 October 2021 Patrick Kenny
Cutenstonia Flag.png The Kingdom of Cutenstonia 12 October 2021 Zadie McGrawningham
Flag of Sonderan.svg Triumvirate of Sonderan 19 October 2021 Cedar
Dimitch flag.png The Dimitch Empire 21 October 2021 Cecil Ekthro
National Flag of Apisia.png Duchy of Apisia 1 November 2021 Chloe I
New Weddington Isles Flag.jpg New Weddington Isles 6 November 2021 John Brookes


Nation Date joined Delegate Macro location
Flag of Lehmark.png Empire of Lehmark 5 May 2021 Peter Gumley  Australia
Flag national.jpg Saarditian Empire 5 May 2021 Joseph Bredenoord  New Zealand
Flag of Indradhanush (September 2021).svg Kingdom of Indradhanush 5 October 2021 Chandrachur Basu  India
The UKK.jpg United Kingdom of Korea 13 November 2021 Pak Kwang Hyun  South Korea


Nation Date joined Date left Delegate Status of membership Reason
Matthewopia Flag.png Republic of Matthewopia 24 April 2021 10 June 2021 Matthew Hubbard Full member Nation dissolved.
People’s Republic Of Titan flag.jpg Kingdom of Titan 25 May 2021 6 August 2021 Liam Clark Full member Nation dissolved.

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