Kingdom of Cutenstonia

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The Kingdom of Cutenstonia
• Queen
Queen Zadie

Cutenstonia, sometimes known as the Kingdom of Cutenstonia, is a micronation in Queensland, Australia. Cutenstonia became a monarchy on December 11th, 2020, and was created on June 30th, 2021. Cutenstonia was founded because Queen Zadie McGrawningham wanted for a location where people may live under the nation's motto: We stand for Peace!, Valor!, Unity!, and Prosperity!

History of Cutenstonia

  • Cutenstonia became a monarchy on December 11th, 2020, and was created on June 30th, 2021.
  • The Republic of Alabamia had recurring difficulty living up to standards and being disrespectful to the crown and our nation as a whole by not taking diplomatic relations seriously enough, therefore the micronation severed connections with them.

The Constitution

1. Citizenship

Citizenship can be revoked due to issues that concern micronational safety, at this time an examined questionnaire is all it will take.

2. Who is allowed to vote?

We live in a monarchy, voting is not an option. However, the people may vote on city mayors and Prime Minister.

3. How are the leaders chosen?

Leaders below the royal family are voted on by the people of our micronation.

4. What basic rights do people have?

Freedom of speech, expression, sexuality, religious beliefs and the right to a fair trial.

5. How is the judicial system organized?

Yes, court proceedings will be held by a judge who overlooks the case, and a jury of 12 people will be in place for criminal charges.

Stakeholders - Judge --> Prosecution --> Jury --> Defendant --> Solicitor

Court hierarchy - High Court of Cutenstonia --> Supreme Court --> District Court --> Federal Court --> Well-being Court --> Suburban Court

6. How is the government funded?

Through taxes and donations

7. What property rights do people have?

People can own homes, businesses, land, etc.

8. What provisions are there for changing the constitution?

The constitution can be amended, his or her majesty will approve changes to the constitution where the court sees fit.


Cutenstonian Dollars are measured with drink cans. One drink can equate to 50 cents AUD and shall equate to 1 CSD (Cutenstonia Dollar)

Diplomatic Relations

Our diplomatic relations are listed here. We also recognize all of their sovereignties too.