Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere

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Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere
TypeEconomic and military alliance
Legal statusactive
HeadquartersSydney, Australia

The Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere is an economic and military alliance based in Sydney, Australia, with six member states and several states in its sphere of influence, including the Principality of Wy and the Australian territory of the Anarresti Federation. The SCPS is also open to members anywhere on the east coast of Australia.


The nations of the SCPS trade often through the organisation, the main trading partners being the People’s Republic of Marist and Etukan. The main goods that go through the SCPS are food goods, tea and artillery pieces. Trade meetings take place in the SCPS HQ for the PRM, where Heads of State or Ministers of Trade will meet with miniature tokens, representing their country’s resources that are relevant to the deal they are about to discuss. They will reach an agreement, using these tokens to visualise and record the deal. Soon after the respective resources will be delivered to the respective nations.

Trading between the Sovereign States of Drummoyne and the Communist Gladesville Republic.


Micronation Capital Population Status
Etukan.png Empire of Etukan Rintanesh 109 Active
Yedinist Prussia.png New Prussia Drummstadt 83 Disputed
Rydeflag.png Holy People's Republic of Ryde Bloxsome Lane 12 Active
Kogflag.png Kingdom of Conghaleigh Cabramatta Road 6 Active
Lemonnian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Lemonnia Lemonnia City 5 Active


The SCPS was created on the 3rd of July, 2019, by the Emperor of Etukan and the two Overlords of the UES after the formation of the UES, the HPRR and the CGR in hopes of making a united micronational community in Sydney.

Liberation of Willoughby East

The SCPS publicly supported the Etukara occupation of Willoughby East and did give permission for the elite SCSP Eagle Peace Keeping division to help hold the suburb. It was proved unnecessary due to the cooperation of the locals of Willoughby East.

Elysium standoff

On the 26th of July, both Schugimus Overlords, also heads of the SCPS, who were acting as the official emissaries of Schugimus and the SCPS was banned from the Cycoldian discord server. This, along with Cycoldia's breaking of the Peace Treaty of Rega (2019) by banning all Etukara officials, diplomats, citizens or residents, led to the belief that some of the old members of the Cimbrum pact may have been planning to attack the SCPS somehow. In response, Chayten Burson, Overlord of Schugimus, and Klara Steinbeck, Empress of Etukan, demanded Christina unban the Schugimus officials, otherwise both Etukan and the UES may consider war. He ultimately refused. Elysium preceded to do ban all Etukara officials, and in response, Etukan cut ties with the country. Governor of the Etukara new world colonies, Maxine Marm, was given orders to gather a militia at the Etukara-Elysium border in Oklahoma in preparation for war, and affiliates of the SCPS in the Furneaux Group and North Tasmania were inquired on availability to go on an expedition to the Elysium territory of Clarke Island. On the 30th of July, Shiro I, King of Zenrax convinced Klara Steinbeck to just ignore Cycoldia and Christina Nowell on a statewide level. This resulted in a ban on affiliation with Cycoldia and its leader in Etukan as well as refusing to recognise Cycoldian sovereignty. The problem of Elysium was still present, and in late July, the Australian Platoon of the SCPS Eagle Peacekeeping division landed on Clarke Island. They camped there for three days, while a treaty was formed with locals, stating that no micronation outside of Australia could lay claim to the island. The platoon - made up of five volunteers from Schugimus and four from Etukan - returned to Sydney two days later. Elysium did not unban any officials, so plans were prepared for an invasion of Payne County and Elyiumite Normandy. Elysium promptly stopped claiming these two territories, and after increasing pressure allowed back Etukara officials.

Intervention in Marist

The SCPS provided yecci charges to the Empire of Etukan during the Maristian Crisis