Peace Treaty of Rega (2019)

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Treaty of Rega
Signed1st July 2019
Eora flag.png Republic of Eora

The Treaty of Rega, also known as the Peace Treaty of Rega (Latvian: Regas miera līgums), was a peace treaty signed in Rega on 1 July 2019, among The Republic of Eora (acting also on behalf of Associated Powers) and the NASC. The treaty ended the so-called Great Micronational War.

Final peace talks were initiated by the Prime Minister of Eora, Arthur Korney, only 1 day after taking post, and establishing union state between the Empire of Etukan and the Republic of Hektorlandia. The Republic of Eora and the NASC officially ended the War on 1 July 2019 19:00 AEST, 12:00 EEST.