Republic of Hektorlandia

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Republic of Hektorlandia
Hektorlandijas Respublika (Latvian)
Республика Xекторландия (Russian)


Official language: Hektorlandian Latvian Language
Capital and largest city Rega
Demonym(s) Trim/Trims

• Declared Independence 19 March 2018
• 1st Constitution adopted 20 March 2018
• Prime Ministers Coup d'etat 15 August 2018
• 2nd Constitution adopted 20 August 2018
• Latvian occupation 2018-2019
• Announced independence 15 February 2019
• Restored independence 8 March 2019

• Total 0,49 km2
• Water 0 km2

• 2019 Census 25
• Density 51/km2

Currency Euro () (EUR)
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)

Hektorlandia, officially The Republic of Hektorlandija (Latvian: Hektorlandijas Respublika Russian: Республика Xекторландия), is a country in the Baltic states region of Northern Europe. Country only shares borders with Latvia. Hektorlandia has 25 inhabitants and a territory of 0,49 km2. The country has a temperate seasonal climate.

After centuries of Swedish, Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, and Latvian rule, a rule mainly executed by the Latvians, the Republic of Hektorlandia was established on 19 March 2018 when it broke away from Latvia. However, by the 2018 summer end the country became increasingly autocratic after the coup in 2018 establishing an authoritarian regime. The country's de facto independence was interrupted at the beginning of fall of 2018, with Hektorlandia's forcible incorporation into the Republic of Latvia.

The peaceful nations awakening, starting in February 2019, called for Hektorlandia's emancipation from Latvian rule and condemning the illegal takeover. It ended with the Declaration on the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Hektorlandia, and restoring de facto independence on 8 March 2019. The new union state between etukan empire was created called Republic of Eora. It ended after 2 weeks after coup d'etat by Etukan leader Zechariah. Prime minister of Hektorlandia in that time signed the famous Peace Treaty of Rega (2019) Hektorlandia has a language that is very similar to Latvian and Lithuanian languages, but has unique words and grammar. Latvian, Lithuanian, and Hektorlandian Latvian are the only three surviving Baltic languages.

Hektorlandia is a member of the League of Micronations, and North Sea Micronation Treaty. It began using the euro as its currency on 9 March 2019, replacing the Latvian lats, as temporary solution.

Member state of European Micronational Union since 2nd of October 2019.


On March 19, 2018 The independence of the Republic of Hektorlandia was signed and on the next day the 1st state constitution was signed. 2 Seimas (parliament) elections were organised between the recognition of independence and the prime minister's coup d'etat. On August 15, 2018 a coup took place and the Prime Minister took over the country, and on the next day established a new 2nd constitution. On September 6, 2018 dictator accepted an ultimatum and Hektorlandia was annexed by Latvian Republic. After 6 months, nations awakening started and on 8 March Restoration of independence of the Hektorlandia Republic was signed.

The First Republic


First republic was from 19 March 2018 till 15 August 2018.Parliament (Augstakā padome; Seima) was a big mess. No laws could be passed due to misunderstanding. There were 6 prime minister changes, because parliament fired them after some time. Republic was failing, and there was nothing to do. President became Prime minister, but parliament already wanted to fire him. Before they could The Prime Minister staged coup d'état. In 1st republic times, Hektorlandia saw biggest land expansion, claiming all the land that is now Hektorlandia.

The Nationalist Dictatorship

Hektorlandijas1karogs 2.png

Nationalist Dictatorship was from 15 August 2018 till 6 September 2018 or occupation. He signed 2nd constitution of state. Prime minister wanted to nationalise everything. Make people be proud of new nation. Civil law were established. Hektorlandia got most of its laws from this period of history. He tried to get de jure recognition, and thats why country was annexed into Republic of Latvia. As some people say these were the "Golden age of Hektorlandia".

The Second Republic


After restoring independence on 8 March 2019, Second Republic was established. Work law was made. Free elections were restored. Parliament idea was abolished, because of fear of what happened, might happen again.

Government and politics

Every 12 months presidential elections are organised, and every 6 months prime minister elections Are organised. President and Prime minister have right to issue laws. Prime minister makes cabinet of ministers, consisting of ministers, that will help him do his work. Minister does not have right to issue laws. Every law that is issued by minister needs to be co-signed by Prime minister. President appoints representatives of state, and other government officials, but Prime minister needs to co-sign every work contract.