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Empire of Etukan

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Empire of Etukan

Qenv Qikko Ettukan
Capital cityRintanesh
Largest citySt. Leonard's
Official language(s)English, Eora, Etukara
Short nameEtukan
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- EmperorZecheriah O'Hair
LegislatureHigh Council
- Type - Councilmen
- Number of seats - 8
EstablishedApril 11th 2018
Area claimed7.38 sq km
Population109 (as of November 2019 census)
GDP (nominal)N/A
Time zone(AEST)
National sportDueling
National animalWallaby

The Empire of Etukan is a micronation best known for the immature online behaviour of its representatives, its unverifiable and likely fictional claims, and its threats against members of the micronational community.

Etukan claims to have existed as a unified community since 11 September 2018, though with a history ultimately dating back to April of the same year. The mainland is located in the Municipality of Mosman, and stretches into Lane Cove and Drummoyne.

In April 2018, several nations and leagues were established in the modern-day city of Militum. After several months of war, the remaining nations made an agreement, uniting into the Democratic Republic of the Dres. Nearing the end of 2018, communications between members of the Dres were unexpectedly disabled, promptly resulting in the end of the country. The next year, the republic was revived under communism, changing four times until it was transformed into its current form.

Etukan is a the director of the Australian Micronational Council, a shadowy group best known for issuing threats against other Australian micronations. It is also known for its formerly militaristic state, and for having outlandish claims such as a military of 133 personnel and "the biggest military spending budget in micronationalism".


The word Etukan was created with inspiration from the fictional nation of Nikan, created by author R. F. Kuang, with the former section of the word coming from the Etukara translation of the family name of the Emperor of Etukan.


A map of the Dres as of April 2018, made after the New World Conference establishing the Dres states.

Feudal Dres

The Dres was a collection of warring states trying to conquer a valuable piece of land in Sydney, Australia, from April to June 2019. Representatives of Etukan have claimed that at the most volatile period in the Dres, a total of 29 nations were at war with each other, although no evidence has ever been given for such a claim. Eventually notable powers apparently emerged, such as the Kingdom of Patriam and the Empire of Siam. On 10 November leaders of the remaining states allegedly met at the New World Convention - a summit for which no documentation or external evidence exists - and are claimed to have signed a treaty that would create a unified, democratic nation in the area, dissolving all other nations in the western Municipality of Mosman.

Flags of the regional powers at the time of the unification, from left to right, The Kingdom Of Patriam, the Siamese Empire, Queensoiland and the Ormanny Confederation

Democratic Republic of the Dres

The first election was held on 15 November, and Zechariah won with four votes out of five. Soon afterwards, he established a government and created the first flag.

The first flag of the Democratic Republic of the Dres.

After rising tension within the government, Zechariah established a diarchy with Tyler Misciagna, a popular public figure, to prevent an uprising. In December, Etukan claims that a massive 62 citizens marched on Balmoral Beach to annex it in the name of the Republic, despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever of an event large enough to have arguably gained the attention of macronational media. A new flag was also created in order to try to distance the Republic from the reputation of the former regents of the region.

On 19 December 2018, 19 out of the 22 government accounts on the main Drés communication line were mysteriously disabled, resulting in the de facto dissolution of the Republic.

Final flag of the Republic Of Drés

Municipality of Rocky Point Island

On 19 February 2019, the Municipality of Rocky Point Island (M.R.P.I.) was formed, made up of the three states of East Rocky Point, West Rocky Point, and Little Murwillumbah. The country claimed for its territory most of the Municipality of Mosman as well as territory on the Gold Coast of Australia owned by Chairman O’Hair and other government officials.

States of the M.R.P.I., from left to right: West Rocky Point, East Rocky Point, and Beacon Hill & Little Murwillumbah

Federation of Rocky Point

After various convoluted disputes on several Discord servers, the M.R.P.I. transitioned into the Federation of Rocky Point. On 10 April 2019, Rocky Point went to war with the Kingdom of Ticronvidia and the 3rd Kingdom of Matachewan "in order to protect its interests and foreign relations". War with Ticronvidia would eventually unofficially cease, but war with Matachewan would continue until the 24th. The Rocky Point government attempted to resolve the "war" with Matachewan by playing an online video game with them, which resulted in Matachewanian King Brandon Mierzwa surrendering half of his claim to Bell Island.

Empire of Etukan and Republic of Eora

After a referendum in May, the Chairman of the Federation was crowned as Emperor of the new Empire of Etukan. A language was be created, and the micronation greatly increased its claims to citizens and territories. Etukan and its long time ally Hektorlandia united into the Republic of Eora, establishing an empire with claims to even more land. With this unification, the Emperor of Etukan and the Etukara High Council lost many rights and abilities despite the overwhelming Etukara majority in the population, and from the start of the unification, many Etukara citizens were skeptical. With Arthur Korney as new Prime Minister, the Emperor of Etukan was pressured into making a conditional peace deal with Cycoldia (a nation Etukan had declared war on), upsetting many Etukara citizens who had hoped for a greater victory. Soon after, civil unrest caused by Arthur Korney's neglect of Etukara citizens as well as a breaking of the constitution by both the Prime Minister and Emperor caused the Prime Minister to be toppled from power, resulting in the dissolution of Eora and the Etukara Emperor retaking absolute control over the government and military. Arthur Korney tried to establish a resistance to take back the government, asking several Etukara citizens to revolt, including Minister Joshua Caddey, and Prince Maximilian Herget. His plans failed, and his replacement government - consisting of himself - was recognised as legitimate by only two micronations, only one of which kept this recognition permanent. Several days after the dissolution of Eora, Hektorlandia was re-establised with a localised government led by Arthur Korney.

Modern Period (July 2019-Present)

After this crisis, the Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere, an alliance between micronations in New South Wales co-created by Etukan, asked for Etukara volunteers to take back the Elysiumite Colony on Clark Island for the Commonwealth of Australia. Etukan claims that nine people then traveled to Clark Island and camped there for three days before re-annexing it into Australia. Despite the number of people and the time they were there, no record has been produced of this alleged event.

On 18 August 2019, Etukan voluntarily gave independence to the Kingdom of Conghaleigh and the next day were forced to also give independence to its military capital, St. Leonard's city, due to their lack of ability to control the city. The city would become the People's Republic of Marist, which was soon beset by an insurgency.