Empire of Etukan

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Empire of Etukan
Coat of arms of Etukan
Coat of arms
Motto: Prosper, Elevate, Enlighten
Anthem: National Anthem of Etukan
The Onqivethon

Location of Etukan
Largest cityBuenezia
Official languagesNo official language
No official state religion
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Zecheriah O'Hair
Patrick Biltoft
LegislatureHigh Council of Etukan
• Patriam established
• Dres unified
26 September 2018
• Establishment of the MRPI
18 February 2019
• Establishment of Etukan
11 May 2019
• Constitution written
29 December 2019
• Last amendment
27 February 2021
• Total
3.19 km2 (1.23 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2021 census
43 citizens
CurrencyNo official currency
Time zoneUTC+10:00 (AEST)
DST is observed
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+61

Etukan, officially the Empire of Etukan, is a self-proclaimed autonomous community comprising of eight provinces, one crown colony, and one dominion, all located on the Australian continent in the Australian state of New South Wales. Etukan has a population of 39. The capital city is Rintanesh, while the largest city is Buenezia, and other major settlements include St. Leonard's and North Chinamans. Etukan is a unitary constitutional monarchy, with the Emperor being the constitutional monarch and Head of State and the State Chancellor being the Head of Government. While Etukan has no official language, English is the predominant language and is what is used in government.

Etukan was first founded as a republic known as the Republic of the Dres in 2018 and first began to be described as a micronation in early 2019 as the Municipality of Rocky Point Island. The Municipality was renamed the Federation of Rocky Point before eventually transitioning into a monarchy and adopting its current name in the same year.

Etukan is a member of several international micronational organizations including the League of Independent Nations and is one of the leading micronations involved in the Micronational Community of Australia, which is one of the most prominent Australian micronational organizations.


The word Etukan was created with inspiration from the fictional nation of Nikan, created by the author R. F. Kuang, with the former section of the word coming from the Etukara translation of the family name of the Emperor of Etukan.

Official names

  • June 2018 - 19 December 2018: Democratic Republic of Dres
  • 19 February 2019 - April 2019: Municipality of Rocky Point Island
  • April 2019 - 11 May 2019: Federation of Rocky Point
  • 11 May 2019 - 30 June 2019: Empire of Etukan
  • 30 June 2019 - 8 July 2019: Republic of Eora
  • 8 July 2019 – Present: Empire of Etukan


Feudal Dres

Prior to the establishment of the Republic of the Dres, there were several micronations in parts of Mosman, New South Wales that existed from April 2018 to June the same year. These micronations fought a series of conflicts with each other, and many lacked any form of national identity other than or industry other than that dedicated to controlling as much land as possible. Eventually, many of these nations began to dissolve, become defunct, or get annexed by a larger state in the area, until only a few significantly more developed nations remained in the area. A ceasefire was held in the area from June to November, with many of the remaining nations becoming defunct without the ongoing conflict keeping them busy.

On the 10th of November, leaders of both remaining and defunct states convened for the first time via text message to discuss the future of the region. It was decided that the remaining nations would be united in a unitary republic in the region, effectively dissolving the remaining micronations in the area with the exception of the Principality of Wy, which had abstained from participating in the conflict.

Democratic Republic of the Dres

The first election was held on 15 November, with former King of Patriam Zecheriah O'Hair winning with 80% of the popular vote, with his opponent Daniel Rudd receiving 20%. Soon afterward, he established a government and created the first flag. After rising tension within the government, Zechariah established a diarchy with Tyler Misciagna, a popular public figure and the former Emperor of Siam during the feudal period, to prevent an uprising. On the 19th of December 2018, 19 out of the 22 government accounts on the main Drés communication line were disabled, resulting in the de facto dissolution of the Republic.

Municipality of Rocky Point Island

On 19 February 2019, the Municipality of Rocky Point Island was founded by the former President of the Dres, Zecheriah O'Hair, as a successor to the Republic, leading the country as the chairman, advised by four Margraves and Margravines on behalf of the country's four states located in Sydney, Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah. The Municipality existed for a short time, establishing a small social media presence and some ties, notably with the Republic of Hektorlandia, among others.

Federation of Rocky Point

Sometime between the 8th of March and 9 April 2019, the Municipality transitioned into the Federation of Rocky Point, retaining most domestic affairs and the previous system of government, but under a new name and flag and with some territorial reforms.

On the 10th of April, 2019, Rocky Point entered an ongoing war between the Kingdom of Ticronvidia and the 3rd Kingdom of Matachewan after trying and failing to force the two nations to solve their dispute diplomatically. Rocky Point challenged Matachewan to a match of the video game Call of War. The King of Matachewan would accept this challenge but was only able to sign up one player to join the match. Eventually, the state of war between Rocky Point and Matachewan was ended when Matachewan ceded half of New Katowice (Bell Island, Ontario) to Rocky Point.

Rocky Point would begin engaging with the League of Micronations (LoMN), before forming a "Micronational Communist United Front" with two other micronations affiliated with the LoMN. The Astovian Union would declare a "war against communism" in the discord server of the LoMN. This declaration was perceived as a direct threat by the members of the United Front, who began devising plans to support communists and socialists in both Astovia and the LoMN. This would lead to various verbal altercations between United Front delegations and observers and other delegations in the LoMN.

Empire of Etukan and Republic of Eora

After a referendum on the 10th of May, 2019, the Chairman of the Federation was crowned Emperor, and the nation was once again renamed and given a new flag. The new nation, Etukan, would make several territorial reforms to be "more inclusive to its citizens" in Western regions of Sydney in regards to its land claims. New initiatives would also begin for the construction of a new language unique to Etukan, and a large campaign was made to recruit citizens, particularly aimed at multiple schools in and near Etukan's claimed boundaries, with an estimated 60 or more citizens being recruited using this method in 2019.

Flag of the Empire of Etukan for most of 2019.

As these reforms took place, heated debate between Etukara observers and other delegations to the LoMN, most notably that representing Cycoldia, continued to take place often. Eventually, these altercations would lead to Christina I & II banning the Etukara observers from the LoMN discord server in her capacity as an administrator, which was met with claims by Etukan that she had a "monopoly" of power in the organization, and opposition from Johannes Tyurukstein, who served as leader of Ticronvidia, which had grown significantly closer to Etukan since the conflict between the two nations earlier that year. Tyurukstein would continuously unban and re-invite the delegates from Etukan, and Christina would respond by banning them again. This cycle would continue until Etukan began hostilities against Cycoldia. It is disputed as to which nation declared war on the other first, but Etukan often credits itself as having taken a provocative stance, citing Cycoldia's control over the LoMN as justification for what it considered to be a "war for revolutionaries" to overthrow the order imposed on them by Cycoldia.

As the conflict between Etukan and Cycoldia grew into a larger international affair, Etukan would introduce a conscription order, bringing many of its new citizens into service for the army. Up to 100~ citizens had served in the military at some stage during 2019, with about a quarter of the entire country's population seeing active duty at any given time. Some of those enlisted would agree to deploy during the conflict, in Etukan's incursion into Orini, the incursion into Cycoldia along the Katy Freeway and, most notably, the invasion and occupation of the Cycoldian territory of Willoughby East.

On the 20th of June, 2019, Etukan and its ally the Republic of Hektorlandia hastily formed a political union, establishing the Republic of Eora, with Zecheriah O'Hair continuing as Emperor and former Hektorlandian Prime Minister Arthur Korney becoming Prime Minister of Eora. With this unification, the Emperor of Etukan and the recently appointed Etukara High Council lost many rights and abilities despite the overwhelming Etukara majority in the population, and from the start of the unification, many Etukara citizens were skeptical. The Republic of Eora faced many challenges politically, with an unwritten constitution suggesting executive power be shared between the Prime Minister and Emperor, but without any legal method of resolving the policy disputes between the Prime Minister and the Emperor, barely any progress could be made. These conditions, as well as the Republic's lack of any clearly defined legislative branch and Korney's conditional peace deal with Cycoldia, which upset many Etukara citizens hoping for a greater victory, resulted in mass civil unrest. Arthur Korney was forced to leave Etukan's discord server, and shortly after the Emperor of Etukan retook all executive power for himself, initiating a coup d'état and restoring localized rule to Etukan. Korney would attempt to garner support from Etukara civilians as well as other micronations for his return to power, only seeing success in Cycoldia's recognition of him as the ruler of Eora. Hektorlandia would declare independence from the Republic of Eora on the 8th of July, only 9 days after the two countries were merged, followed shortly by Etukan on the same day.

Modern Period (July 2019-Present)

Location of all Etukara land claims shortly after the end of the conflict with Cycoldia and Orini.

After the end of the war, Etukan's government began to consolidate its administration over Etukan's mainland and core territories. This proved to be a challenge in some circumstances, as many of the country's external territories and colonies had either been ceded to Etukan, the most notable case of this being the several unmanageable claims transferred to Etukan after the end of its conflict with Orini, or established by Etukara citizens with relatives living abroad. Of the many territories that lacked any administration due to the lack of a micronationalist presence, the government of Etukan either relinquished its claims to it or forgot about the territory entirely, with the notable exception of New Katowice, which the government would continue to claim so to use it as leverage in diplomacy with Canadian micronations. The colonies that were inhabited by relatives of Etukara citizens were also largely abandoned, often due to their management being entirely left to a single civilian each, who had no experience in governing a territory.

Out of the colonies, which existed in various countries on five different continents including Brazil, South Africa, and Japan, the Etukara colony of South De Los Reyes, based on the West coast of Panay Island in the Phillipines was the only one retained by the government past its first period of territorial reform. South De Los Reyes was managed by relatives of Christophe De Los Reyes, a commander in the St. Leonard's Military Police who served as Governor of the colony while living near mainland Etukan. Around this time, the Etukara government had begun researching amateur spaceflight and had created several initiatives to create homemade rockets. Using some research gathered from the Aphelia Space Research Nation, the Mayari II was launched from South De Los Reyes on the fourth of October, 2019, reaching an estimated maximum altitude of nearly one kilometer. The launch of the Mayari II would be the last of Etukan's endeavors into space flight.

A visual representation of the unsuccessful initial assault on the Delaware Division by Matachewanian forces at the battle of Williamsburg.

Around the same time in late 2019, an influx of unrest in the city of St. Leonards, West Etukan caused by rivalries between locals and Australian "eshays"-as they were referred to as by other residents-led to the Etukara government granting independence to the city and the area surrounding it as the "People's Republic of Marist". The People's Republic governed under the ideology of Christian socialism, by its Chairman Adam Zreika, and was largely regarded as a puppet state of Etukan, reliant on it for all military, commercial and diplomatic means. In the short time Marist was independent, the unattended civil unrest quickly grew into insurgency and occasional violence. Zreika was deposed in a coup d'état by rioters in September 2019, who then publicly planned an invasion of West Etukan scheduled for the next day. The invasion was repelled by nine Etukara militiamen, who then entered an empty St. Leonards as the rioters returned to their homes.

In 2020, the insurgency in the West would continue, with Etukan's government choosing a more indirect way of keeping hostiles in the area busy by establishing a semi-autonomous Cada Empire, made up of different domains, each of which would be ruled directly by a warlord. The four warlords, officially titled as daimyos, effectively prevented the conflict from escalating further for around six months until St. Leonards was fully re-annexed by Etukan in late July. In February and March, relations between Matachewan and Etukan worsened significantly after Matachewan's conservative government withdrew from the Etukan-Matachewan agreement, with the diplomatic dispute eventually boiling over into an armed conflict as Etukan's government promised to use military force to coerce Matachewan into agreements placing the two on equal footing diplomatically. The Delaware Division of Etukan's American Foreign Legion would decisively defeat Matachewanian colonial forces at the battle of Williamsburg before the conflict would fade into a bloodless stalemate.

Etukan would have further territorial reforms in November 2020, and would join the League of Independent Nations and Micronational Community of Australia early the next year. Etukan would participate to a limited extent in an LIN intervention in the Almendrian conflict against Tizian Aruna in retaliation for an Almendrian organized raid on the discord server of Australis. In 2021, the country opened up to applications for citizenship from outside Australia for the first time, and in July, the first elections for the office of State Chancellor took place, with United Socialist Party Leader Patrick Biltoft winning national elections despite the High Council being under the control of the Liberal-Labour coalition formed a few weeks prior.

Government and Politics


Emblem of the State Chancellor of Etukan

The Empire of Etukan is a constitutional monarchy, with executive powers shared between the monarch and the State Chancellor, who is elected for a term of one year. The monarch is titled as the Emperor and is the Head of State of the entire country. The Emperor's primary purpose is to carry out the provisions of the constitution and legislation passed by the High Council. They are also charged with maintaining most foreign relations and have a major role in commanding the armed forces of Etukan. The position of Emperor is handed down by the monarch, who will select an heir (who does not need to be a relative) to become the new monarch upon the death or abdication of the incumbent Emperor. The constitution of Etukan states that if an Emperor were to abdicate, die, or otherwise become unable to rule without an able heir, the High Council may vote to elect a new monarch or abolish the monarchy entirely if 100% of the council is in favor of doing so. The incumbent Emperor of Etukan is Zecheriah O'Hair, who has served as Emperor since the establishment of the monarchy on the 10th of May, 2019

The State Chancellor of Etukan serves as Head of Government of the entire country and has the ability to appoint ministers and secretaries to manage specific parts of administration, who are often granted minor powers by the High Council to fulfill their duties efficiently. The State Chancellor is also often charged with appointing diplomatic staff. The State Chancellor is directly elected in nationwide elections, before being confirmed by the High Council within a week of their election, for a term of twelve months, and may serve a maximum of two terms. The first and incumbent State Chancellor of Etukan is the leader of the United Socialist Party, Patrick Biltoft, who was elected during the July 31st elections in 2021 and was confirmed by the High Council the same day.


Logo of the incumbent High Council of Etukan

Etukan's unicameral eight member legislative branch, titled the High Council of Etukan, is the sole law-making institution within Etukan, comprised of eight Representatives who are directly elected in provincial elections for a term of six months, with the exception of the Emperor, who permanently holds the position of the Representative for the province that they reside in, unless they appoint another to hold the seat or conduct elections for the Imperial Seat. The constitution of Etukan defines that the High Council's purpose is to "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several provinces; To coin money, regulate the value thereof; To promote the progress of science and useful arts," and "to make rules for the government and regulation of the land, air and naval forces." The High Council also has the power to remove Representatives from their position by a vote of no confidence, declare war, or refuse to confirm an individual elected to be State Chancellor, which will result in another election for the office having to take place.

The current tenure of the legislature is the 6th High Council of Etukan, which was first brought into session on the 1st of August, 2021, following the July 31st elections the day prior. No single party managed to gain a majority of seats in the High Council, but the Social Liberal Party and Labour Greens party, which together held four of the seven available seats in the council, formed a coalition prior to the elections, giving them an absolute majority and the power to refuse to confirm the elected State Chancellor Patrick Biltoft if they chose to. The United Socialist Party makes up the only opposition to this coalition in the High Council, holding three of the seven available seats.


The constitution of Etukan states that the only court to exist in Etukan is the Supreme Court of Etukan due to the reluctancy of Etukara governments to implement or enforce any civil law that contradicts those of the state of New South Wales or the Commonwealth of Australia. Despite this, no such court has actually been created in Etukan, meaning that the interpretation of the constitution and passed legislation is left to those whose duty it is to carry out its provisions, with advice from the Representative who authored the legislation. The only crime that an Etukara citizen may be charged with by the Etukara government is treason, which they may only be convicted for if 75% or more of the High Council is in favour.

Political parties

Political parties represented in the High Council

This is a list of all Etukara political parties represented in the current High Council of Etukan.

Party Logo Party flag Party leader Ideology(s) Status Seats in the High Council
Social Liberal Party of Etukan
Tyler Misciagna
Social liberalism
4 / 8
United Socialist Party of Etukan USP Patrick Biltoft Socialism National
3 / 8
Labour Greens Party of Etukan LGP Samuel Hart Green politics, progressivism National
1 / 8

Political parties not represented in the High Council

This is a list of political parties in Etukan that have no representation in the High Council. These parties may or may not have influence in other aspects of public administration in Etukan by holding cabinet positions, mayoral positions, positions in the military or positions in colonial authorities.

Party Logo Party flag Party leader Ideology(s) Status
Etukan National Party ANHICA Conor Jovi Conservatism, nationalism, militarism National
BARBZ Party BARBZ - Jean Leveaux Satirical politics, pro-LGBT+ rights, pro-women's rights National

Former political parties

  • Etukara Socialist Party (2020; merged with the Anarcho-Communist Party to form the United Socialist Party.)
  • Anarcho-Communist Party of Etukan (2020; merged with the Etukara Socialist Party to form the United Socialist Party.)
  • New Etukan Party (2020; dissolved.)

Political Divisions

Etukan is a unitary state, but is divided into eight provinces, for the sake of giving different regions in the country equal representation in the legislative branch, which do not have their own government. These provinces are;

Map of Etukan's 1st level administrative divisions.
  • Patriam (established as an independent polity in 2018.)
  • East Rocky Point (established as a margraviate of the MRPI in 2019.)
  • West Rocky Point (established as a margraviate of the MRPI in 2019.)
  • Balmoral (established as a province in 2019.)
  • Athol (established as a province in 2019.)
  • Kurrigal (seceded from West Etukan as an independent province in 2020.)
  • Carlow (seceded from West Etukan as an independent province in 2020.)
  • Imperial Province of Walloa (seceded from West Rocky Point as an independent province in 2021.)

Etukan also maintains two kinds of external territories labeled as either "Crown Colonies", which are managed directly by the Emperor, and "Dominions", which are governed by its own Governor-General, who may impose any laws or administrative institutions in the territory that do not contradict those imposed by the High Council. Etukan maintains one crown colony and one dominion, namely the Crown Colony of CanyonLeigh, located in Canyonleigh, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, and the Dominion of Windermere, located in Tapitallee, North of Nowra, New South Wales.

Etukan also has a system of 2nd level administrative divisions, with the 2nd Level Administrative Divisions Act permitting citizens to request an area of land be considered either a borough, town, or city by the government. Any citizen can request their residency be registered as a borough if it is within Etukan's territory, and as a town, if its proposed borders contain at least one "public facility". Territory of Etukan may be designated a city if it contains a school, place of worship, or place of work. Etukan's government defines three regions of its territory-as well as two locations in its external territories-as cities; St. Leonards, in the province of Carlow, Buenezia, in the province of East Rocky Point, and the capital city of Rintanesh in the Imperial Province of Walloa, as well as the colonial capitals of Athey Hill and Hortopolis in the Crown Colony of CanyonLeigh and the Dominion of Windermere respectively. On top of this, the government also considers two areas as "localities", offering no further detail as to their status. These localities are the Port of Parriwi, a small public wharf in Rintanesh Harbour, and North Chinamans, an enclave located on the Eastern foreshore of the Spit.


The Armed Forces of Etukan is the sole military institution in Etukan, made up of land forces, an unorganized airforce and a navy that is de facto defunct. The Emperor of Etukan is its commander-in-chief, holding ultimate authority over the entire military, though general responsibilities and regular organization are usually left to the Department of Defence, headed by the Minister of Defence appointed by the State Chancellor. The Armed Forces currently consist of a total of seven individuals.

Service in the Armed Forces of Etukan is purely voluntary, despite conscription being mandatory for a period of nearly two months in 2019. The Army of Etukan consists of two units; the Western Security Detachment and the Riverine Battalion. Etukan's units are designed to be able to rapidly deploy into areas of Sydney as far West as Chatswood and as far North as Beacon Hill on very short notice. The Airforce of Etukan, with possession of two light quadrotor drones, is also designed to play a primarily auxiliary and reconnaissance role, having been used mainly for supporting land clearing and road building efforts in Etukan's external territories. The Navy of Etukan consisted of two sailing boats, but with no proper contact with the Admiral of the navy it has gone unused and unorganized, though the Department of Defence has contingency plans to salvage the many abandoned boats that line the bank of Rintanesh Harbour to create a makeshift naval force in the case a navy is needed.

Foreign Relations

Etukara-Fesmarian friendship poster, made by Etukan as a gift to the 2nd Fesmarian Empire in 2019.

The Empire of Etukan maintains foreign relations with a number of micronations in various different sectors. These relations are primarily managed by the Emperor and Secretary of State, often with advice from the High Council. Etukan is a full member of the League of Independent Nations and the Micronational Community of Australia.

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Full foreign relations; treaties signed

Informal relations

  • All members of the LIN.
  • All members of the MCA.

Recognition refused/revoked


The coast of West Rocky Point, as well as the Port of Parriwi, as seen from Beauty Point across Rintanesh Harbour.

Etukan's eight provinces are all located in Sydney Harbour, on the Lower North Shore peninsula which is situated directly North of the Sydney CBD. Etukan's eight contiguous provinces occupy a combined area of 2.91 square kilometers (1.12 sq mi). The enclave around the North Chinamans locality (which is considered a part of Balmoral province) that is situated on the Eastern foreshore of the Spit, as well as the Crown Colony of CanyonLeigh and the Dominion of Windermere occupy a further 0.28 square kilometers (0.11 sq mi) of total area. Etukan has three coastlines, the longest being Balmoral's coast on Hunter's Bay (referred to as Kazzi Bay in Etukan), stretching the entire length of Balmoral and Edwards Beach for approximately 1.82 km 2 (0.7 sq mi), followed by West Etukan's coastline on Quaker's Hat Bay (referred to as Rintanesh Harbour in Etukan) which spans approximately 1.18 km 2 (0.46 sq mi).


The eight continuous provinces all have similar oceanic climates (Köppen climate classification Cwa) with warm and sometimes hot summers and cool winters, while the colonies are considered to have subpolar oceanic climates (Köppen climate classification Cwb).

Climate data for Etukan (External Territories Excluded)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 80.6
Average low °F (°C) 68
Average rainy days (≥ 1 mm) 8.2 9.0 10.1 7.9 7.9 9.3 7.2 5.6 5.8 7.6 8.7 7.9 95.2
Sunshine hours 232.5 205.9 210.8 213.0 204.6 171.0 207.7 248.0 243.0 244.9 222.0 235.6 2,639
Source: Bureau of Meteorology


Etukan has a population of 43 citizens, 36 of whom live within New South Wales, Australia, primarily North of the Parramatta River in Sydney. The province of Carlow has the greatest population of all the Etukara provinces, with citizens registered in Carlow comprising of 20.93% of the population, whereas Athol is the least populous province, comprising only 11.63% of registered citizens. Until 2021, the registration of citizens from outside the Australian continent was heavily limited, resulting in very little diaspora outside of Australia.

Country No. of citizens
 Australia 36
 India 3
 United States 2
 Belgium 1
 Ireland 1


The primary working language and most commonly spoken language in Etukan is English, more specifically Australian English (though there is significant minority of British English users and smaller New Zealander and American dialects). While English serves as the de-facto national language, there are also significant minorities of Spanish and Chinese (primarily Mandarin, though many Etukara of Chinese descent have some proficiency in both, or only Cantonese) speakers. These minorities are largely second or third-generation immigrants from Latin America and China respectively. Many English-speaking Etukara also have some proficiency in a second language (most commonly French). A small minority also speak the constructed Etukara language to varying degrees of proficiency.


Etukan is a largely non-religious country, with a secular government and more than half of the population not adhering to any religious beliefs. Despite this, there is a signicant Christian minority, especially in the province of Carlow, where at least 55% of the population are baptised as Catholics. Within Etukan's territory, there are two Catholic Churches, as well as five churches for other Christian denominations and one Synagogue.



The historical Bathers' Pavilion in Balmoral Province.

Many of the homes in Etukan's residential areas are very typical of theFederation style homes, especially in the Eastern portion of the country, where Federation Queen Anne style architecture is predominant in the older areas of East Rocky Point and Athol. Many homes on Etukan's coasts have seen large renovations, making Modernist Architecture the more prominent style along Etukan's foreshores, with the exception of Balmoral, where many buildings closer to the beach have Mediterranean (in particular Spanish and Greek) influences with features typical of the Spanish Mission style.


Etukan's primary news outlet is the Balmoral Sun, a state-run online newsletter that releases one edition per fortnight. The newsletter covers both micronational and non-micronational news, tracking global conflicts and major political events, as well as news regarding the political and internal affairs of Etukan, coverage of elections in Etukan, and more. In the past, Etukan's only news outlet was its weekly audio-only news broadcasts run by the state-owned Etukara Broadcasting Company (EBC), which covered many issues taking place in Etukan and neighboring nations in Sydney after the Cycoldian conflict. These broadcasts were hosted by Harry Pasmalidas, who gained notoriety after he defected to Etukan during the occupation of Willoughby East. The government of Etukan's main way of spreading information is through the country's official Discord Updates Server, as well as its citizen-only server and its official instagram page.


The visual arts are an integral part of Etukara culture, with the government often using posters and info-graphics based 20th century propaganda to spread news, important information or advertisements regarding the country. Etukan has also used these graphics as a resource to trade with other micronations, and in the past, its government has provided coat of arms and flags to new or developing micronations for free, the most notable example of this being the flag and coat of arms of the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns. In 2021, Etukan participated in the virtual Micronational Art Style Expo held by the Micronational Innovative Development Organisation (MIDO), of which Etukan is considered a guest of, based in Hong Kong and Taiwan on September 12, 2021. Etukan's submission to the exhibition included two pieces submitted by citizens as well as one promotional poster made by the Department of the Arts.

National holidays

This list consists of all national and commemorative events, holidays that are celebrated and observed in the Empire of Etukan.

Date Name of the event Description
1 January New Year's Day The first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar.
26 January Australia Day Holiday observed for Australian dual citizens commemorating the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788.
31 January First Election Day The 1st set of provincial elections of a year in Etukan.
17 March St. Patrick's Day A cultural and religious holiday observed for Etukara of Irish descent commemorating the death of St. Patrick.
2-5 April Easter festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
25 April ANZAC Day A national day of remembrance commemorating all Australians and New Zealanders who have served and died in armed conflict.
31 May Reconciliation Day A holiday observed for Australian dual citizens celebrating the achievements and culture of Indigenous Australians and acknowledging the suffering endured in the process of colonization.
30 June Victory Day Holiday commemorating the end of the Cycoldian Conflict.
First full week in July each year NAIDOC Week A holiday observed for people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent celebrating the achievements and culture of Indigenous Australians.
31 July Second Election Day The 2nd set of provincial elections and only national elections of a year in Etukan.
26 September Unification Day Annual celebration and Etukan's national day, commemorating the unification of several micronations in Sydney into Etukan's predecessor, the Democratic Republic of Dres.
10-18 December Hannukah Festival observed for those of Jewish faith or descent commemorating the recovery of Jerusalem and subsequent rededication of the Second Temple at the beginning of the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire in the 2nd century BCE.
25 December Christmas Annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.