Battle of Williamsburg

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Battle of Williamsburg
Date7 March 2020
Williamsburg, Principality of New Augustine

Etukara victory

  • Williamsburg captured
  • Matachewanian retreat
Flag of Etukan.jpg Etukan Matachewanflag.png Matachewan
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Etukan.jpg General Garvey Mallet Prevost Matachewanflag.png Gen. Broni. Frederick, Prince of New Augustine
Flag of Etukan.jpg 6 Matachewanflag.png 4

The Battle of New Augustine was a battle between the Empire of Etukan and the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan. The battle occurred on 7 March 2020 within the Principality of New Augustine.


Following the conflict created by Matachewan withdrawing from the Matachewanian-Etukan agreement, both nations coincidentally found themselves unexpectedly close to each other despite being located in Canada and Australia. Etukan took the opportunity to invite Matachewan to a battle, something which the King of Matachewan openly and strongly supported whether they were going to win or lose; the Prince of New Augustine did not, however, he accepted the invitation and met the Etukara in New Castle Country Wrangle Hill Estate Park in Williamsburg within the Duchy of New Augustine. Unprepared, the colonial forces are said to have engaged the fight, however, they found themselves severely outplayed and retreated afterward.


Shortly after the decisive loss, the reports of the battle were given to the Premier of Global Affairs and King of Matachewan. The country celebrated the battle despite it being a defeat. Having been anti-war, Duke Frederick argued with the Premier and King on several occasions about Matachewan refusing to negotiate. Frederick and the rest of the soldiers who fought at Williamsburg refused to be awarded the 'Cross of St. Augustine' by the Premier and King in protest. In the heat of the discussion, King Brandon, King of Matachewan, told the Prince to leave the country to its own affairs and take New Augustine with him. Prior to the argument, a colony-wide vote was held in New Augustine to leave Matachewan due to the casualties of the battle at Williamsburg, and the suggestion by King Brandon that they should fight another battle. The majority of the colony was in favor of leaving Matachewan. The majority of the Matachewanian government seemed to agree with that decision and thus. The rest of the day the Declaration of Independence was written by Prince Frederick, and soon after it was finished, he presented it to the Premier and King before Matachewan.

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