Southern Confederation of Angosvria

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The foundation of "Angosvria" and the successor country, is born from the treaty of "Pulcragro" (current Capital of the country) the direct union of (Frutillar and Gugutanea Countries) merges in terms of peace and unification of said country, which has its own constitution and a national government that represents the representative chambers of the nation and a national congress, the founding of said nation was thanks to an agreement between two nations on October 5, 2020, by the foreign ministers, "Marco González" of "Countries Frutillar "and the" Guillermo Wolhker "" Gugutanea ".

Angosvria (in Latin, angus viridi;), officially the Confederación Austral de Angosvria (in English, Confederation Austral of Angosvria, in French, Confédération méridionale d'Angosvria, in Italian, Confederazione Australe dell'Angosvria, in German, Australische Konföderation von Angosvria, in Albanian, Konfederata Australiane e Angosvria, in Dutch, Australische Confederatie van Angosvria), is a country with access to the sea located in South America with a population of 1,600,025 inhabitants (2020) .Angosvria is a federated republic of 12 federal regions, called regions and has Spanish as official: and co-official language are Yugotanés, monastic. The Autonomous City of Pulcragro is the headquarters of the federal authorities, while the country's private sector is more developed in the cities of Puerto Frutillar, Osorno and Puerto Montt.

Southern Confederation of Angosvria
Flag Coast of Arms
Motto: "Freedom, Union, Equality and Progress"
Anthem: ""The Angosvrian March"


Map of Angosvria
Capital Autonomous City of Pulcragro

and largest city:

Official languages: Spanish

co-official language: Yugotanes, Monaques

Religion: majority christian
Demonym(s): Angosvrian/ Angosvro
Government: Confederal Parliamentary Association

Head of state:

  • King: Gustav I of Angosvria
  • Prime Minister: Joaquin Emiliano Schaefer Kursten
  • Federal council: 12 councilors

Democratic, Neutral Confederal Parliamentary Association

  • Chiltania State 3 January 2008
  • Kingdom of Chiltania 24 December 2009
  • Kingdom of Gugutania 2 January 2010
  • Promista Empire 5 June 2010
  • Kingdom of Gugutania in transition 6 July 2011
  • First Central Republic of Gugutania 24 december 2011
  • Gugutanean Federation 13 January 2013
  • Confederation of the Central Republic

of Gugutanea, second republic 2015

  • End of the Confederation of

Bravian Republic of Gugutanea 2 January 2019

  • Unification of Gugutanea and the

Kingdom of Paises Frutillar 5 october 2020

•Current constitution 10 october 2020

Area• Total 41 285 km².

• Water (%) 528 Km.

Population 252• 2022 estimate 200

• 2022 census 251

Currency star crown (ce) (CEA)
Calling code +56

Government System of Angosvria

Since the founding of Angosvria after the union between "Gugutanea" and "Paises Frutillar" various regions joined for the consolidation of what was called the "Southern Confederation of Angosvria" who in its transition the "Queen Sabina I" queen of Gugutanea as head of state was transferred as Queen of Angosvria, after her death the prince legitimate son of the queen mother would become the sovereign King and cultural heritage of the nation of Angosvria and its 12 constituent regions, the country enjoys a king , a prime minister as chief of cabinets and his 12 constituent confederal councilors.

confederate monarchy; Neutral Democratic Confederal Parliamentary Association:

*Angosvria Association/ Royal House of Yugotania:

*Sovereign king cultural heritage of the nation of Angosvria,

*King Gustavo I of Angosvria Assumed the throne, October 6, 2022

confederate monarchy; Neutral Democratic Confederal Parliamentary Association:

confederate monarchy; Neutral Democratic Confederal Parliamentary Association:

*Prime Minister and Chief of Cabinets of the Southern Confederation of Angosvria,

Joaquin Emiliano Schaefer Kursten, Assumed January 6, 2024/ january 6 -2027

confederate monarchy; Neutral Democratic Confederal Parliamentary Association:

*cabinets and ministries programs:

*15 Ministries and 3 Directories:

Ministries: Names Ministries: Names: Photos:
Electoral Ministry and Citizen Consultation Dario Meza Cheng
Ministry of Labor and Social Development

(Industrial, Fisheries, Agriculture and Livestock)

Krishna Mazary Viky
Ministry of Safety and Environment Mario Alberto Francia
Ministry of Education Diego Ruben Mazza
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Antonio Vilchens Van Buren
Ministry of Culture, Art and Sports Pedro Gutierrez Di-Martin
Ministry of Economy and Tourism Dagoberto Teixeira Piñon
Ministry of the Interior and Public Security Fransy Smith Velman
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Rafael Hernan Mora Comigual
Ministry of Public Health Jose Santana Wrym
Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Maria Gracia Tesoro
Ministry of Housing and National Work Helena Van Sneidder
Ministry of Cultural Identity Sofia Ximena Winkler
Ministry of Women and Gender Equity Cecilia Caceron Montana
Nº: Directories: Names Directories: Names: Photos:
Regional Directory Kodayko Zhempa Ryon
Provincial Directory Maria Elena Soylferm
Municipal Directory Edward Spherrard Doytzchs

confederate monarchy; Neutral Democratic Confederal Parliamentary Association:

*The 12 constituent confederal councilors of the Southern Confederation of Angosvria,

Assumed august 12, 2023/ august 12 -2027

Region Names: Names of confederal Councilors: Photos:
Region of the
Autonomous Communities of Gran Brava
Martha Isabel Sandu
Region of the

United Provinces of La Bravia

Leonarda Sofia Wong
Region of the

Nueva Brava de Mateloña

Arles Scheverry Winston
Region of the


Luiz Miranda Mabelle
Region of the


Alexander Scheffer Roth
Region of the


Diego Winter Scholzt
Autonomous Region of the

Frutillar Countries

Rodrigo Marcel Valderas
Region of Dabusia Beatriz Aurora Ling
Region of Siluas Francisco Rosa San Martin
10º Region of Manzania Matias Game Rain
11º Region o Frigudia Jorge Wong Mingi
12º Region of Tulipania Tabo Ping Yeng

Foreign relations

Since the establishment of the nation on 5 October 2020, the Southern Confederation of Angosvria has signed a number of mutual recognition treaties and entered into bilateral relations with a large number of nations.

Current formal relations; treaties signed

Treaty of diplomatic relations from October 10 to December 31, 2020:

 Free Rendonese State

State of Birland

 State of Vishwamitra

United States of Abayistan

Pelotuciana Republic

Republic of New Czechoslovakia

Federal Republic of Franda

Confederate States of Felinuscatonia

Kingdom of Florensia

Patriarch of Nueva Salamanca

Federation of Ilairán and Polarianda

Republic of Woultenland

Kingdom of Dragonia

Kingdom of Undrgastáas

 Independent State of Kaleido

Republic of Sauquínia

 Kingdom of Atlia

Kingdom of Unova

Foral Republic of Draaken

Republic of the Great Ocean

 Kingdom of Queensland

Republic of the Country of Clipperton

Republic of Rino Island

Federal Republic of Anvurna

Kingdom of Arlandica

Amelunic Republic

 Grand Duchy of Pikeland

Republic of Liberacia

Walthari Kingdom

United Principalities of Lochaber and Glencoe

Free Provinces of Silvanja

Republic of Luchijan

Republic of Jeraco

Kingdoms of Tanes

Principality of Woodlandia

Republic of New Yugoslavia

Independent Republic of Montes Vañia

Balzi Republic

Sovereign Federated Socialist Republic of Ruslavia

Kingdom of Southland

Republic of Lomoria

Antarctic Republic

Virtual State of Guanabara

Kingdom of New Zion

Democratic-Republic of Okasakawa

Republic of Amazonia

Supreme Order of the Gray Dictatorship (Cinza)

Empire of Bulgaria

Kingdom of Brastonia

Kingdom of Islamisia

Republic of Blazetopia

Kingdom of Peyossia

Empire of Keumye

Republic of Sant Aldo

Grand Duchy of Torrego

Treaty of diplomatic relations from January 3 to December 15, 2021:

 Republic of Arkadelphia

 Empire of Lehmark


Republic of Belcity

Republic Alliadense of Guanallia

Empire and Kindom of Humanitarian

Kingdom of Lemavos

Principality of Genovia

Republic of Aurea

Republic of Mir

Sovereign Republic of Moriel

Kingdom of Hotonia

Kingdom of Caledonia

Lydenburg Empire

Republic of Pengua

Republic of Korystria

Federal Republic of Baijania

Dominion of Vancouver Island

Kingdom of Altair

United States of Kerban

Free Territory of Boscenia

Republic of Taladia

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Republic of Chrisland

Republic of Jailavera

Principality of Moscha

Republic of Saalen

Kingdom of Atlantis

Republic of Vulsella

Democratic Republic of Caborca

Parliamentary Republic of Arbruy

Kingdom of Cambodia

Federal Republic of Vasnucken

Republic of Campos

Federal Republic of Ruberia

Maritime Republic of Damariscotta

Federal Republic of Nabuzje

 Empire of Etukan

United Federation

United Kingdom of Danishia

Republic of Kai Gang

Republic of Lémarita

United Confederation

The New Weddington Islands

Kingdom of Soldávia

Republic of Naples

Di-Martins Empire

Empire of South India & Tamil Ealam

Sacred Empire of Canadian and of the Americas

Kingdom of Wohlstland

Republic of Tiberia

Empire of Cimbres

Kingdom of Ebenthal

Democratic Confederation of Eiland

Federal Republic of Lomoria

Confederation of Fleuve

The Nation of Paracosmia

Republic of Guatamalca

Proverian Republic

Kingdom of Vardonia

United State of Lindor

Principality of Cainhoe

Kingdom of Yohan

Kingdom of Parel West

Empire of Escatlan

State of El Dorado

State of El Huazo

Republic of Sleepistan

Kingdom of Lisandriya

Republic Federal of Utopíalando

Royal State of Lorlandia

Republic Democratic of Nueverina

United Republic of Garnier

United Kingdom of the Great Royalty

Federal Republic of Itania

State of Tesaka

Kingdom of Arstotzka

Principality of Geirhoehen

Kingdom of Estuardo

Kingdom of Aurelion

Commonwealth of Belkazium

Republic of Toubak

Republic of Jualdrina

 Kingdom of Braspor


 Republic of Belcity

Empire of Hemir

The Nation of Maslatonista

Kingdom of Quinta Velha

New Erhardia

Wakoku Federation

Republic of Slavtria

Democratic Republic of Sedayn

Federative Tropical Republic of Obiang

Kingdom of Habsburgo

Oligarchy and Supreme Leadership of Persikstan

Empire of Khstania

Republic of the Empire of Soluna

Democratic Republic of Santa María

State of Concordia

Kingdom of Kravinkis

Republic of Sarnia

Kingdom of Volletnia

Republic of Ultratainia

Republic of Rocalia

Royal Empire of Bolonia

Kingdom of Tartecia

Kingdom of Canary Islands

House of DeHerrera

Republic of Espoona

Republic of Nuva Islands

Republic of Saerrion

Kingdom of Priscia

Kingdom of Neor

Great Republic of Fellisia

Empire of Hwaryeong

Republic of Livonia

Grand Duchy of Eskeria

Republic of Chitan

Republic of Szectania

Treaty of diplomatic relations from January 6, 2022:

Kingdom of Argesta

Kingdom of Eleftheria

Kingdom of Svearike

Principality of Veraburgo

Kingdom of Avignon

Kingdom of United Liberty

Democratic Republic of Begley and the Commonwealth

Peoples Democratic Republic of Northern Rykania

Imperial State of Smyrna

Kingdom of Goruchia

Kingdom of Nueva Mery

Empire of Pancedonia

Democratic State of Aucepia

Eritonian Empire

Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia

Islamic Federal Republic of Huajangstan

Empire of Guanduania

Principality of Vurmond

Peoples Republic of San Martínez

Kingdom of Fristehen

 Karno-Ruthenian Empire

Islamic Emirate of Kuwayfiyah

Principality of Lacronia

Federal Republic of the New Corando and New Hanchih

Republic of Tarlistan

Republicof Moiwa

Republic of Grandia
Queengdom of Nyx

City of Erinsberg

Confederation of the Aonierún

Kingdom of Tarevia

The Great Empire Chi

Republic Federal of Aumania

Kingdom of New Azteca

Kingdom of Dausania

State of Latponia

Republic of West Who

Kingdom of Champania

The Union of Capitalist Partner Republics

State of Zamanda

Republic of Vitronesia

Republic of Nortleand

Republic of Star Islands

Catholic Republic of Phanshih

Kingdom of Dusters

Republic of Fizue

Republic of Tarosia

Great Ducho of Corollia

Kingdom of Antilia

Republic of Pizza

Republic of Tora

Republic of Costa Luna and the Star

Kigdom of Unguibus

Principality of San Sebastian

Republic of Saint Leo

Republic of Barvinia

Free State of Triduoria

Principality of Valumar

Tuvalan Republic

United Kimgdo, of Hesminia

Valcan Republic

Tsakova Empire

Kingdom of Tazar

Treaty of diplomatic relations from March 17, 2023:

Kingdom of New Asgard

Kingdom of Filemom

Republic of Geronia

Kingdom of Leonia

Republic of Espiritu Santo

Principality of Vinland

Republic of Fernand

Empire of Solraak

Republic of Aria Sumer

Principality of Davca

Republic of Viliquarre

Republic of Kalanya

Oligarch State of Curnon

Empire of Trollstania

Federation of the Empire of Deaha

Kingdom of Robe

Republic of Boronia

Great Northern Kingdom

Kingdom of Xingu

Republic of Kichi

Republic of Efelvenia

Kinfom of Esperantonia

Federation of Enchenia

Federal Republic of Sia

Federal Republic of Nuevo Rico

United State of Brandel

Republic of Walledion

Republic of the High La Sierra

Republic of Arkata

Kingdom of Taiga

Federal Republic of the Mexican Islands of Tiburon

Bladelza Confederation

Commonwealth of Woodland

Kingdom of Dasia

Principality of Alcania

Kingdom of Liburia

Intermicronational organizations

  • Organization of United Nations Microstates
  • Hispanic Organization of Micronations (14 November 2019)
  • Community of Micronations of the Spanish Official Language (21 October 2020)
  • Peace Mission Cooperation Organization (27 November 2018)
  • Organization of United Sister States (10 January 2010)
  • Organization of Ibero-American and Caribbean Micronations
  • Community of Micronations in Chile (20 October 2020)

Angosvria Political Map:

Administrative divisions

Regions of Angosvria

Federal Regions of Angosvria
No. Flag Name Capital Official language(s) Provinces Cities Governor
1 Region of the
Autonomous Communities of Gran Brava
San Rozelots Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 12 25 Ana María Polisders (interim charge)
2 Region of the
United Provinces of La Bravia
Río Paloma Spanish, Yugotanés 6 12 Juan Alvarado
3 Region of the
Nueva Brava de Mateloña
Rindát Spanish 9 12 Rut Silva
4 Region of the
Puerto Laguna Spanish 2 6 Stela Altman
5 Region of the
Arid City Spanish 4 14 Gumercindo Ávila
6 Region of the
Ciudad Jardin Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 10 30 Franco de Velman
7 Autonomous Region of the
Frutillar Countries
Puerto Frutillar Spanish, Yugotanés, German 14 21 Claus Lindeman
8 Region of Dabusia Montt Spanish, German 4 26 Harry Jürgensen
9 Region of Siluas Pargua Spanish 5 18 Edilio Contreras
10 Region of Manzania Bahía Mansa Spanish 4 13 Bernardo Candia Henríquez
11 Region o Frigudia Estación Río Frío Spanish 4 10 Rodrigo Guarda Barrientos
12 Region of Tulipania Osorno Spanish 5 28 Mario Bello Garrido
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the Autonomous Communities of Gran Brava
No.: Flag: Provinces: Capital: Official Language:(s) Cities: Delegates:
1 Autonomous Province of

Central Oriental of Brasilanda

La Brava Spanish, Yugotanés 2 Silgueredo Alovoado
2 Autonomous Province of Livland El Care Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 2 Antonio Beich
3 Autonomus Provinces of

Comodório and Valonio

Valonio Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 2 Alicia Polanca
4 Autonomus Provinces of Monacá Gran Jesús Monégasque, Yugotanés, Spanish 2 Eduvino silvio
5 Autonomus Provinces of

Yugotania and Chayre

Bella Virgen Yugotanés, Spanish, Monégasque 2 Vilgreda Lieman
6 Autonomus Provinces of Bañola Villa Celeste Yugotanés, Spanish, Monégasque 2 Lidia Sploran
7 Autonomus Provinces of Coronia Enero Yugotanés, Spanish, Monégasque 2 Jan Quivek
8 Autonomous Provinces of

Gran Campia de Valle

de Las Maderas and Alndura

Gran Salto Yugotanés, Spanish, Monégasque 2 Carmensina Bursham
9 Autonomus Provinces of Pratoia City of Pratoia Yugotanés, Spanish, Monégasque 2 Martirio Golesman
10 Autonomus Provinces of Garagia Punta Blanca Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 2 Simón Salman
11 Autonomus Provinces of Hormilanda Hormigaflores Monégasque, Yugotanés, Spanish 3 Emly Vera
12 Autonomus Provinces of Boñocá City of Boñocá Spanish, Yugotanés, Monégasque 1 Agustino Bellonzini

Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the United Provinces of La Bravia
No.: Flag: Provinces: Capital: Official Language (s): Cities: Delegates:
1 Province of Patio

La Grande of the Gran Cania

Río Paloma Spanish, Yugotanés 2 Elena Paslova
2 Province of Galponia Santa Belinda de Galpo Spanish 2 Juan Pablo Blanco
3 Province of Viña del Éste City of Viña del Éste Spanish 2 Carlos Matta Rodriguez
4 Province of Corderia La Pampa Spanish 2 Erick Araneda
5 Province of Yarena de

Gran Valle Solitario

City of Yarena Spanish 2 Soledad Martínez Puga
6 Province of the Estrecho de Galicania City of the Cape de Las Bandadas Spanish 2 Enriques Sepulveda
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the New Brava de Mateloña
No.: Flag: Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
1 Province of Rendania Rindát Spanish 1 Marco Arismendi
2 Province of Grienia Los Aire Buenos Spanish 2 Paolo Valdirotti
3 Province of Cape of the New West Nueva Bondad Spanish 1 Gelman Mulloretti
4 Province of Cape of La Soledad Santa Luces Spanish 1 Santana Lopez
5 Province of Cape of the Holy Cross Villa de La Cruz Spanish 2 Pablo Poblete
6 Province of Arcarchamterram Gustavia Spanish 1 Heklhue Suleiman
7 Province of Livian Oriental Marcoria Spanish 1 Mario Sepeda
8 Province of San Andrés Guayusca Spanish 2 Angel Valderrama
9 Province of Punta Horizonte Puerto Pescado Spanish 2 Francisco Mera Mela

Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the Lastriana

No.: Flag: Provinces: Capital: Offiacial Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
1 Province of the Estaquilla Alto Los Muermos Spanish 3 Alberto Lisandro
2 Province of the Río Quenuit Puerto Godoy Spanish 3 Dario Vechio
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the Arstillana
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
1 Province of the Baumbach Puerto Llán Spanish 3 Peter Echeleitner
2 Province of the Alerce Río Pescado Spanish 5 Ricardo Pucman
3 Province of the Estrecho de Reloncaví Cochamó Spanish 3 Silvina Toledo
4 33LAGOCABRERA.png Province of the Lago Cabrera Contao Spanish 3 Fernando Mendoza
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of the Afiacacia
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Cancura Ciudad Jardín Spanish, Yugotanés, Monaqués 4 Jaime Bertin
Province of Entre Lagos Nueva Esperanza Spanish, Yugotanés 2 Jimena Nuñez
Province of Chalupa Puerto Chalupa Spanish 2 Diego Bersaglio
Province of Licania Anticura Spanish 2 Beñoga Smermaine
Province of Bosque Bonita Rupanco Spanish 3 Mayra Ríos Maldonado
Province of Peulla Ciudad de Peulla Spanish 2 Naya Nazareth
Province of Salto del Río Puerto Clocker Spanish 5 Alberto Beltran
Province of Ensenada Ensenada Spanish 4 Soraya Heredia Zaragoza
Province of Ralún Ralún Spanish 2 Alexander Tejemeira
Province of Vulpania Laguna Bonita Spanish 5 William Junnyor
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Autonomous Region of the
Frutillar Countries
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Valle Frutillar Frutillar Bajo Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 Cesar Sepulveda
Province of Alegría del Valle Villa Alegre Norte Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 Jean Bernardo Phillippe
Province of Cendania Los Radales Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 María Santa Cruz
Province of Vridiagri La Huacha Casma Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 José Mariano Gimenez
Province of Radania Pantanosa Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 Fernando de Alás
Province of Tavolia La junta Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 Santiago Deimon
Province of Trailén Trailén Spanish, Yugotanés, German 2 Federico Román
Province of Domilia Punta Larga Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Nolberto Getulio
Province of Brassica Quilanto Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Babbiero Ramirez
Province of Solias Colonia Copio Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Yolanda Soledad
Province of Molenatvia Loma La Piedra Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Jairo Niepel
Province of Pecoria La Bandurria Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Morelia Cruz
Province of Silicíbia Pedernal Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Cecilia Moreira
Province of Frondibia Los Coigües Spanish, Yugotanés, German 1 Barbara Gonzalez
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of Dabusia
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Cardonal Cardonal Spanish 7 Rodrigo Waynright
Province of Chinquio Chinquio Spanish 7 Sebastián Moreira
Province of Loncotoro Loncotoro Spanish 3 Javiera Campillay
Province of Nueva Braunau Nueva Braunau Spanish 7 Carlos Arismendi Buzio
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of Siluas
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Río Cariquilda Ahinco Spanish 6 Roberto Salamanca
Province of Los Rulos Los Rulos Spanish 7 Romulo Saveedra
Province of Troncal El Bosque Spanish 3 Mario Llooza Berantini
Province of Tres Ríos Caulin-Chacao Spanish 6 Ricardo Shwave
Province of Huequi Ayacara Spanish 3 Alejandra Pérez Huenchumillan
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of Manzania
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Citites: Delegates:
Province of Mapu Lahual Diezmo Spanish 3 Javier Nodales
Province of Maicolpue Maicolpue Spanish 4 Elena Margarita Cheuqueman
Province of Contaco Contaco Spanish 4 Mauricio Germán Tejada
Province of Entre Montes Huitrapulli Spanish 2 José Valentín Wacher
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of Frigudia
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official Language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Huantrunes Los Guatrunes Spanish 4 Daniel Gregoyén
Province of Parga Parga Spanish 2 Gabriela Misnoland
Province of Fresia Fresia Spanish 2 Daniela Divales
Province of Cacique Cacique Spanish 2 Matías Sanjorano
Provinces of the regions of Angosvria - Region of Tulipania
No.: Flag Provinces: Capital: Official language(s): Cities: Delegates:
Province of Agua Buena Polloico-Agua Buena Spanish 6 Nicolás Kem Kay
Province of Misión Pampa Alegre Spanish 5 Sofía Alvaros Lopez
Province of San Juan de la Costa Misión San Juan de la Costa Spanish 6 Gilberto Truman SChalfers
Province of Río Alto Puerto Octay Spanish 6 Juan David Reues
Province of Los Riscos Los Riscos Spanish 5 Nelson Camilo Sensios

Administrative divisions

History of Angosvria - timeline from 1998 onwards

Flags and their political periods:

N°: Flag: Names: Years: Heads of states: Historical facts:
Kingdom of Chiltania First period

1998- 2008

King Don Juan II *the king retires and leaves the throne to his

heir son and the country's political crisis begins.

Kingdom of Chiltania Second term


King Don Child I *Disintegration of the Chiltania territories after

the political crisis with King Don Child I,

total dissolution of the kingdom in 2010.

Kingdom of Gugutania Third period

2010 (January–June)

King Gustóv I * In June 2010 the king was removed

for national fraud and it was the beginning

of a coup by the regime of General Prát.

Promista Empire Third half period 2010


Emperor Don Pedro

Promo Da Prát

*Cause of the civil war and the fall of the

empire and the end of the promista regime.

Kingdom of Gugutania Fourth period of


Queen Rugá Maróv I *After the fall of the promising empire, the daughter

of King Gustóv I, Rugá Maróv was crowned as the

queen of the transition of Gugutania but due to

her eccentric politics she was removed by a

coup and the end of the absolute monarchy.

Central Republic of Gugutania Fifth period of 2011 President Francesco

Rome of Los Silberados

*After the coup d'état, the first republic was

established after the national agreement of

the nation's workers was called and

the stage of national unification descends.

and the approval of a first democratic election

for the country with the first president of the

nation is given and traditional politics ends.

Central Republic of Gugutania Sixth period of the referendum


Re-elected President

Francesco Rome of

Los Silberados

* after re-election achieves the stage of

reform of the country after unification the

country begins to grow but still fails to

improve the discontent of the country's

working society.

Gugutanese Federation Expansionism period

of 2013-2014

President Francesco

Rome of Los Silberados

*The rise of territorial expansionism brings political

changes to the country and begins the stage of the

second republic and President Francesco Rome is

dismissed and replaced under the provisional

president Gustavo Game and ends the

regime of Francesco Rome

Confederation of the Central

Republic of Gugutanea

Period of the second republic


President Francesco Rome of

Los Silberados

(Dismissed) / Provisional

President Gustavo E. Game

* The stage of the second republic is given by

political modifications with a new appointment

under the departure of President Francesco

Rome and the arrival of Provisional President

Gustavo E. Game brings a series of

reforms to the new republic as well as to the country.

Confederation of the Central

Republic of Gugutanea

Reform period 2017-2018 President Gustavo E. Game *In the second reform, the president took

on the task of modifying the government program,

a new government structure allowing the transition

from a modern decentralized state to the republic,

creating autonomy for the regions and

division of powers, and replacing

centralized politics with a more autonomous.

Confederation of the Braviana

Republic of Gugutanea

End of the 2019-2020


Prime Minister Gustavo E. Game *The Guguatanea period came to an end due to

the new expansion by the agreement with the

Kingdom of the Frutillar Countries, leaving

room for a new nation to begin with the

Pulcragro treaty made on October 5, 2020,.

With the unification treaty, Angosvria was born,

a new cultural entity with greater progress.

Confederation of the Braviana

Republic of Gugutanea and the

Kingdom of the Países Frutillar

Unification October 5, 2020 -Prime Minister Gustavo E. Game


King Alexis I (Países Frutillar)

*The government of Gugutanea and the

Frutillar Countries agree to sign the peace

treaty and the unification agreement known

as the Pulcragro treaty, the same name as

the founding of the capital of the current Angosvria,

which is the birth of the new unified nation

as the successor country. .

Confederation Austral of Angosvria Period 2020–Present Elected Prime Minister and

founder of Angosvria

*The neat treaty since October 5, 2020 between

Gugutanea and Países Frutillar gave rise to

the birth of a new, modern, autonomous and

neutral state, the birth of Angosvria as a

developing, stable and more democratic nation.

the elected prime minister and founder of the

country has made numerous treaties worldwide

since then Angosvria has had better political

advances due to the new developed and peaceful structure.

history data

The Pulcragro Treaty of 2020

The Treaty of Pulcragro was carried out in the binational meeting between the representatives of

Gugutanea and Frutillar Countries in a meeting of the silver house, place of residence of the former

government of Gugutanea, in which various demographic, geographic and collective national unity

agreements were signed. from both countries.

Economy of Angosvria: - Ministry of Economy and Tourism of Angosvria

Company and Multinational Companies:

N°: Business: Logos: Slogan: Properties: Owners: Foundation:
1.- BBA
"The People's Bank" satet company Anonymous December 18, 2020
2.- Compañía Pesquera de Angosvria
"Where there are fish, there are plenty" Private company Anonymous January 2, 2021
3.- Angosvria - Aerolíneas, ANAER
"Fly wherever you want" Private company Anonymous January 5, 2021
4.- SERVELCA - (Angosvria Electric Service)
"Your light, your savings, what a better life" Private company Anonymous January 31, 2021
5.- HIVE - Hidrogeno verde
""By Action to the World"" Private company Anonymous August 27, 2021
"Live the life" satet company Government February 10, 2022
"Native Jam" Private company Anonymous March 18, 2022
"Fashion chooses you" Private company Anonymous April 5, 2022
"For a world greener than ever" Private company Anonymous April 13, 2022
"Table, kitchen and more" Private company Anonymous April 18, 2022
"Savings, Well-being, Quality of life" state company-Private company Government April 25, 2022
"More water in your life" Private company anonymous April 29, 2022
13.- ECNA
"Build Your Home" Private company anonymous
"Direct Your Destiny" Private company anonymous
"Fashion and Footwear" Private company anonymous 4 July 2023