Republic of Amazonia

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Republic of Amazonia

Vietnamese:Cộng hòa Amazonia
French:République d'Amazonie
Hmong:Koom pheej Amazonia
Finnish:Amazonian Tasavalta
Toki pona:Ma Amasoni

Emblem of Amazonia(2021).svg

Vitam Impendere Vero
"Life for the truth"
"How Magnificent is the Sight"
Amazonis Planitia, Mars
Capital cityCapital District of Picafloria
Official language(s)Mandarin Chinese
Recognised languagesFrench
Tai Lue
Toki Pona
DemonymMartian Amazon
GovernmentUnitary Minarchy
- PresidentVân Tinh Nghiên Tuyết
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established28 December 2020
Area claimed4,386,898[1]km2
Time zoneMTC-11 (on Mars)
UTC (on Earth)
National animalButterfly

The Republic of Amazonia (Chinese: 阿玛宗共和国; IPA: /ˀa˥˥ ma˨˩˦ t͡sʊŋ˥˥ kʊŋ˥˩ xɤ˧˥ ku̯ɔ˧˥/) is a micronation located in Amazonis Planitia on Mars. The nation was first established in December 2020 by non-binary gender micronationalist Vân Tinh. Amazonia is bordered by Martian Olympus to the east, and Southern Mars in the south.


The establishment of the goverment

Vân Tinh unilaterally declared independence from Federated States of Martian Olympus on 28 December 2020, with the name "Amazonistan", and then she naturally became the head of state. on the same day the nation established diplomatic relations with Republic of Jŭmina and Urbo de Sofia.
Vân Tinh confirmed the name of the nation as "Republic of Amazonia" on 3 January 2021.
On 5 March 2021, Vân Tinh Established a cabinet with three ministry: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Treasury, Ministry of National Defense. Vân Tinh appointed Hilja-Sinikka Iltanen as Minister of Treasury, and Xuanyi, her original persona, as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Constitutional attempt

Vân Tinh started to draft the Constitution of Amazonia on 10 March 2021, she organized a Constituent Assembly, and the draft was released on May 14. But then Vân Tinh decided that a single written constitution that was difficult to change was not suitable for Amazonia. On June 28, Vân Tinh announced the end of the constitutional process and the Constituent Assembly was dissolved.


The central part of Amazonia is flat and is one of the smoothest plain on Mars. There are plateaus and high mountains in the east and southeast of Amazonia. The nation’s climate is a typical Martian climate, very cold and no precipitation, and sandstorms in winter.


Amazonia is a unitary republic. The President is the head of state and has no term limit. The country’s legislature is the National Assembly, with 6 seats, the president and cabinet are ex-officio members, other seats are elected.

Administrative divisions

Political parties

National Neurodiversity Socialist Offensive Action is the ruling party of Amazonia.


Republic of Amazonia's economy is mainly based on agriculture, especially succulent plants, accounted for most of the GDP. The official currency of Amazonia is 岛岛币(DAO), a crypto currency.


Amazonia is a multicultural country with great diversity. The primary influence behind Amazonian culture is culture from the United States and Scandinavian countries, and some influenced by Southeast Asian aesthetics. Amazonia has placed emphasis on equality and inclusiveness for all its people, and respect for all cultures.

National Holidays

The current official holidays are calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.

  • New Year's Day (1 January)
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility (31 March)
  • World Autism Awareness Day (2 April)
  • Autistic Pride Day (18 June)
  • International Non-Binary People's Day (14 July)
  • Space Exploration Day (20 July)
  • Glitter Day (11 August)
  • Yuanren Zhao Day (3 November)
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November)
  • International Human Solidarity Day (20 December)
  • Christmas (25 December)
  • New Year's Eve (31 December)


Visual art




Mirror & Scepter (Chinese: 镜与权杖; pinyin: jìng yǔ quán zhàng) is an official newspaper of Amazonia.

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognized by Amazonia

Bilateral Recognition

Formal diplomatic relations:

only bilateral recognition:

  • Noflag.pngPhesoca (28 December 2020 / 29 December 2020)
  • Bartonian Eco Flag.jpgBartonia (24 March 2021 / 25 March 2021)