Nea Emesa

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Location of Södergran 索德格朗 Sjodergran
CountryAmazonia-flag.svg Yusienia
 (December 2021)
 • Total1

Södergran is the capital city of Yusienia, Named after the Finno-Swedish poet Edith Södergran. The literally meaning of the name in Swedish is "south fir tree". The name changed from "Nea Emesa" on 11 December 2022.


On 5 December 2021, Aurora Twinkle sneak attacked a piece of land of 1556 square meter in Exarchate of Great Ionia at night, and raised the flag of Amazonia at there, At the same time she announced Amazonia's sovereignty over this land, named it Nea Emesa. Imvrassia officials did not respond to this incident. After a few days, on 12 December, Twinkle move the capital to Nea Emesa.


Elagabalupolis in December 2021.
Map of the Nea Emesa Metropolis.

Nea Emesa is located in Attic peninsula in the Balkans, and it's a landlocked enclave of Exarchate of Great Ionia, surrounded by fencing wire constructed by the Greek government. There's peak over 1 meter in the northwest corner of Nea Emesa. A tiny fortress called Elagabalupolis (Kathareousa: Ηλιογαβαλούπολη) is standing in the center of Nea Emesa. It is a fortress built using recycled materials and is planned to be used as a parliament building and government offices. Nea Emesa has some olive trees and fig trees. Hedgehogs, cats, Greek tortoises and pigeons are very common animals in Nea Emesa. Roman snails usually appear after rain.


Under the Köppen Climate Classification system, Nea Emesa has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate.


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