Aurora Twinkle

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Her Serene Highness
Aurora Twinkle
Twinkle at MicroCon EU
President of Yusienia
Assumed office
28 December 2020
Predecessor Office established
Baroness Vicereine of Caelesta
Assumed office
2 April 2023
Prime Minister of Caelesta
In office
8 May 2022
Personal information
Born 27 June 2004 (2004-06-27) (age 19)
Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province
Citizenship  Yusienia
Political party League of Liberal Youth
Free Rightist Party (Gapla)
Residence  Greece
Alma mater Mallard University
Occupation Politician
Religion Shinto
Influences Jules Verne, Plato, Stefan Zweig, Roberto Bolaño

Aurora Twinkle of Yusienia, also known as Lin Jinghan, is a Yusienian micronationalist politician and poet, serving as the current President of Yusienia.


Twinkle is the creator of Amazonian Martian Calendar and Hexasophy.

Micronational theory

Twinkle is a hard secessionist. She developed her own micronation theory under the influence of nationalist studies and social constructivism. The basis of this theory is that no one can choose the country they are born in, they are often forced to be a part of a state or a nation, and nations and states are social constructs, so anyone can build their own nation and independent sovereign state, based on self-determination, this is the reason why they should not be ruled by the government of their native state and can carry out separatist movements, or so-called "micronations". This theory also believes that a person can have multiple national identities at the same time, namely Polynationality, or have no national identity and is not ruled by any country, namely Anationality.

She expressed support for cultural diversity, freedom of speech, constitutionalism, neurodiversity movement, and right to keep and bear arms.

Personal life

Twinkle came out as a genderqueer or non-binary gender in 2020, unsurprisingly, this led to her parents' verbal and physical violence, mental control, and restrictions on her freedom until now. She endured all the violence, never tried to resist or flee, and publicly stated that she would forgive her parents.

From July to August 2019, Twinkle read Stefan Zweig's Die Welt von Gestern: Erinnerungen eines Europäers, this book is Zweig's memoir, which mentions Rilke and Hoffmanstahl. She liked this book very much. Inspired by it, Twinkle spent a lot of time in reading the works of abovementioned Austrian poets, and went to Vienna for a short three-day trip in August. In the trip, she visited Zweig's former residence. It is worthy of note that Twinkle tasted the local drink Almdudler, she was surprised that there is such a unique and fantastic drink in the world, after the independence of Amazonia, she specified it as Amazonia's national drink.

On 9 August 2022, Twinkle converted to bobism.

Twinkle likes to wear fez, an Amazonian headdress with Turkish origin, and she added a gem on her fez to makes it looks more feminine.

Twinkle is a Hokkienese Han, has a royal ancestry of Shang dynasty and maybe also Kingdom of Tungning, she is a direct descendant of King Wen Wu Ding of Shang dynasty.


Twinkle highly admired Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin, British illustrator Cicely Mary Barker and Bulgarian painter Zahari Zograf. She is interested in calligraphy and her style of calligraphy was influenced by Chinese calligrapher Wu Changshuo. Twinkle is an avid amateur researcher in Chữ Nôm. Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov is her favourite composer and musician.

Awards and reception

National honours

Grand Master of the Most Noble Order of the Alexandrite Butterfly
Fellow of the Amazonian Academy

Foreign honours

 Huai Siao
Knight of the Most Auspicious Order of the Mongkol Samphan (4 January 2022)
First Class of the Order of the Dragon Pearl
Second Class of the Order of the Sansoen Yindi (4 January 2022)

Molossia Medal Statesmanship
Order of friendship
Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Lotus (1 August 2022)
Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the Crystal Jubilee of the Foundation of Vishwamitra (15 April 2022)