Order of the Dragon Pearl

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The Most Exalted Order of the Dragon pearl
Awarded by the

Emperor of the Huai Siao
TypeGratuity for government officils
Established1 January 2020
CountryHuai Siao
CriteriaGratuity for government officils
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderEmperor of the Huai Siao
SovereignEmperor Pao
Classes5 Class
First induction08 December 2020
Last induction-
Total inductees-
Next (higher)The Auspicious Order of the Emperor
Next (lower)Order of the Animal Mass

The Most Exalted Order of the Dragon Pearl (Thai:เครื่องราชอิสริยาภรณ์มังกรคาบไข่มุก) It is a family of decorations for the royal family, government officials and doers of virtue. Both men and women By The Most Exalted Order of the Dragon Pearl Top class for bestowed upon the person who performed the merits for the benefit of the government or the public By considering the request for the Emperor of the government. As a reward, favor and a symbol of honor and honor for those who have been bestowed Bestowed both men and women If His Majesty is graciously pleased to announce his name in the Government Gazette


It was created according to the will of Emperor Pao on the advice of Prime Minister Prince Eun Jo As a decoration for royal officials, especially those who perform their duties fully, as well as government officials in all positions. This insignia is very similar and very similar to the Order of the White Elephant in Thailand. Due to the direct cultural influence

Recipient qualifications

Insignia offers a total of 9 accounts.

  • List 1, Request for Royal Decorations For the Privy Councilor
  • List 2, Request for Royal Decorations To the Minister
  • List 3, Asking for royal decorations To political officials and the House of Representatives Liaison Committee or the Senate Coordination Committee.
  • List 4, Asking for royal decorations For those holding various positions In the parliament and the judiciary
  • List 5, Asking for royal decorations For the military officials
  • List 6, Asking for royal decorations For the police officers
  • List 7, Asking for royal decorations For the judiciary
  • List 8, Asking for royal decorations For public prosecutors
  • List 9, Asking for royal decorations To the Election Commissioner

civil servant
Civil servants who belong to the Department of the Ministry are allowed up to the third floor by requesting the King every two years in each class.


Ribbon(แพรแถบย่อ) Special Class of Star First Class of Star Special Class the Sash First Class the Sash


Ribbon Class Name(Thai) image
Special Class มหาปฐมมกร
First Class เอกมกร
Second Class โทมกร
Third Class ตรีมกร
Fourth Class จัตวามกร
Fifth Class เบญจมกร



Special Class

First Class

Second Class

Third Class

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