Pao, Emperor of Huai Siao

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สมเด็จพระจักรพรรดิเปา มหาพระบรมนาถเจ้า ณัฐดารัฐศรีอินจู่มหาพระพงศ์
Royal portrait of the emperor in the year 2020.
Emperor of Huai Siao
Reign28 October 2018 - Present
Coronation28 October 2018
PredecessorKing David
Regent of EmperorPrince Eun Jo
Princess Jani
Prince Uthai
Princess Chanan
Prime MinisterPrince Eun Jo
Born5 March 2010 (2010-03-05) (age 14)
HouseRoyal Palace of Huai Siao
FatherPrince Uthai
MotherPrincess Chanan
SignatureEmperor Pao's signature

Emperor Pao (Thai:สมเด็จพระจักรพรรดิเปา มหาพระบรมนาถเจ้า ณัฐดารัฐศรีอินจู่มหาพระพงศ์) was born on 5 March 2010 and was the second king of Huai Siao, successor to King David and is the current and first emperor of Huai Siao. He acquired the throne on 28 Octobern 2018 and is the daughter of Princess Chanan and Prince Uthai. He has an older sister, Princess Jani.



His Majesty graciously pleased to set up the royal coronation ceremony on 28 October 2018 at Royal Palace of Huai Siao. All the civil servants participating in offering royal titles to him in order for him to become the king.

Political role

His Majesty took part in the administration of the government during the beginning of the reign in the ancient style and gave approval for the country to adopt the Constitution. and brought Huai Siew to Prachathipathai. The Constitution of the Empire Huai Siao 2562. was announced on 20 April 2019 and His Highness recieved Emperor status on 21 April.

Royal duties

Reforming the new army And reforming government services. The uniform and dress. And policy-making all the time and has established insignia to serve as the bureaucracy. They have also appointed a constitutional council to draft a constitution. And has thought about competing and having more ceremonies.

Titles, styles and honors

Monarchical styles of
The Emperor of Huai Siao

His flag

Reference styleHis Imperial and Royal Majesty
Spoken styleSire
Alternative styleSire

Alternative Titles and Styles

  • 2018-2018 พระบาทสมเด็จพระเปารัฐตรีเกล้าเจ้า
  • 2018-2019 สมเด็จพระจักรพรรดิเปา
  • 2020–Present สมเด็จพระจักรพรรดิเปา มหาพระบรมนาถเจ้า ณัฐดารัฐศรีอินจู่มหาพระพงศ์


Titles, styles, and honours


National honours

Foreign honours

Former honours
States of Queensland
Former honours
States of Vishwamitra

Other appointments

Honorary Member of Quorum Affairs Council as Honorary Minister of Southeast Asia (29 November 2020)
First Consul of Crete (Protohypatissa tis Kriti) of Exarchate of Byzantium and Bosporus (8 June 2021)


Foreign Arms

File:Coat of Arms Emperor Pao (Order of Crown of Queensland).png
File:Coat of Arms Emperor Pao (KGCRQEM).png
Vishwamitra Coat of arms as Member Special Class of the
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit
Queensland Coat of arms as Stranger Knight of the
Order of the Gatfar
Queensland Coat of arms as
Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the
Royal Family Order of the Crown of Queensland
Queensland Coat of arms as Knight Grand Cross of the
Royal Order of the Queen Elizabeth of Merit
Coat Of Arms as Honorary Knight of the
Order of the Red Dove