Urbo de Sophia

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Urbo de Sophia

Flag of UDS.png

In Sola Virtute Maneat
"Solely Maintain Virtues"
"Aspies Longed for free"
Urbo de Sophia, Aspergia
Official language(s)Mandarin Chinese(Simplified)
Recognised languagesBàn-lâm-gú
GovernmentMayor–council Free City
- MayorSophia Minyeon Swan
LegislatureKerna Katedralo (Upper)
Kongreso de AF (Lower)
- Type - Bicameral
Established12 July 2016
Time zoneUTC (on Earth)
This City is a member of the Fae Sector

Urbo de Sophia is a micronational city-state and safespace, running but not yet constructed all concepts needed. As an ADHDer, Sophia Minyeon Swan, The mayor of the Urbo, may fill the page in a random timeline. To avoid confusion with macronational cities, in all written text in Latin letters, the name of the Urbo is solely "Urbo de Sophia", not "City of Sophia""Sophia City"or "Ciudad de Sophia",etc.

Law of Citizenship and Immigration

Anti Identity based Discrimination

Urbo de Sophia is a city-state created by/of/for our fellow Aspies and Non-binaries. Should anyone offend or discriminate Neuro-diversed or non-cisgender concepts or any related people with a motive relating these issue, the Mayor shall publicly issue a letter of Persona non Grata with clear accusations listed.

By-law regarding Antinatalism

This Urbo de Sophia is solely formed by people who independently agreed with it, not and never will who BORN in it. Accouchement is principally prohibited in the UdS.

Human Trafficking Prevention Act

This Urbo de Sophia fears and against trafficking of any human. Any Cis-Male or whom aging over 30 from areas of trafficking shall be additionally border-checked. Should anyone found commited trafficking, this UdS may deny entry and report it to a relavant macronational law enforcement.


The political system of Urbo de Sophia is similar to the Strong-mayor government form. The legislature is a bicameral Congress and the upper house is the Kerna Katedralo.

Gender Policy

Urbo de Sophia NEVER recognize binary gender but only for medical issues. Binary gender may only use, and may differ by two fields: neuro-development or reproduction system.


Urbo de Sophia's culture is influenced by Amazonian culture.

About the Anthem

The Anthem of the Urbo, Aspies Longed For Free, is based on a modified British lyric for Sir Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circunstances March Op.39 No.4.:

Aspies Longed For Free,

March to Liberty with me!

Brutal Normies may

Have their Little Sway

Aspies! Never bend your knees!

Besides, this Urbo promotes the value of both Commonwealth of Nations and European Union, as its view of internationalism. While holding an activity related to the cultures, Land of Hope and Glory and Ode to Joy may play at the scene.

The Mayor is somehow imperceptibly influenced by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, so occasionally the tone of the Chinese ode Our Dr. Sun Yat-Sen may be played for ceremonial purposes.

EuroCentral Act regarding Aspie-Zionism

This Urbo de Sophia utmostly promotes Midwestern European Cultures, which now seems the best human culture for the Autistic Ethnic. Meantime the UdS fears about Oriental Cultures which prefer limiting personal rights. Teaching of Oriental languages would only meet necessary need, with all other resources pouring to Europeanisation Education.

National Holidays

The current official holidays below are calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.

  • New Year's Day (1 January)
  • Autism Sunday (2nd Sunday of February)
  • Asperger Day (18 February)
  • World Autism Awareness Day (2 April)
  • Uta Frith Day (25 May)
  • Autistic Pride Day (18 June)
  • International Non-Binary People's Day (14 July)
  • Unt Day (24 October)
  • Yuanren Zhao Day (3 November)
  • International Human Solidarity Day (20 December)
  • Christmas (25 December)
  • New Year's Eve (31 December)

Other traditional holidays in Chinese calendar may apply.

Language Policies

Urbo de Sophia promotes education of standardized natural languages and Esperanto. Every official and recognised tones shall only have ONE corresponding writing form.

As for Chinese dialects, Mandarins are written in simplified characters, while non-mandarin dialects use the traditional system of writing.

European languages would be officially used according to the active usage inside the country of origin,but other variants may be applied for teaching methods, as the Mayor finds those variants more suitable for teaching-as-a-foreign-language process:

  • English: RP-UK Spelling is the standard of daily usage, but taught in American accent and spelling.
  • Spanish: Iberian Accent and spelling are for legal and formal use, but taught in northern Latin-American accent.
  • Portuguese: Requests of Inquiries would get a peninsular format of reply, but taught in a Brasilian way.

No additional rules apply for Esperanto, however.


Typical foods and dishes

Typical Drinks

  • Slurpee is a kind of ice cream soda water in the real world.

Foreign relations

Bilateral Recognition

Formal diplomatic relations:

Cyber-Diplomatic Mission

Urbo de Sophia creates missions to serve her fellow citizens, especially on Earth.