Rino Island

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República de Rino Island
The Republic of Rino Island


Quod scripsi, scripsi (English: What is writing, writing was)
La Cumbia de los Trapos
Capital cityRino Island
Largest cityCiudad de Rino Island
Official language(s)Castellano
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameRino Island
GovernmentRepública Presidencialista
- PresidenteMarco Antonio Rino
LegislatureActualmente en receso
Population3600 estimated (as of 2016 census)
CurrencyUSA Dolar
Time zoneChilean Time (CLT)[1]
National sportFútbol
National animalChungungo
Patron saintSan Vittorio
Organizaciones Miembro UM, OEM, UMR, FIFAM, Unión Mundial, Microlympics.

Sitio Oficial

The Republic of Rino Island, commonly known as Rino Island is a micronation that claims the islands of Podestá, Minnehaha, Emily, and Rivadeneyra, all phantoms islands in the in the south Pacific Ocean. Also a colony its located in Europe, in the village of Pedro, in the so-called "Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro".

Rino Island has positioned itself as one of the most prominent Hispanic micronations. It has hosted major events, such as the 2016 Microvision Festival, and the Friendship Games in 2015.

Claimed Lands

The territory of Rino Island is made up of the set of Islands, Islets, Rocks and Reefs on which sovereignty will be exercised. It is also sovereign territory of Rino Island but subject to a special regime, the Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro. The islands claimed by the Republic of Rino Island are the following:

  • Davis Land, renamed as Rino Island by the founder of the country, Mr. Vittorio Rino.
  • Podestá Island
  • Minnehaha Rock, called island by Rino Island goverment.
  • Emily Rock
  • Rivadeneyra Shoal


On December 9, 2009, Vittorio Rino founded the Island of the Republic of Rino, after a social gathering. At the beginning it was almost like a game, and it had a parodic purpose, but over time it became more serious until in 2013 it had the website. The idea came from Parva Domus; and that is why we had that cheerful character throughout the Vittorio Rino government. His death in 2015 permanently enmeshes the rhino-islanders, and reminds us that Rino Island is a legacy that as a family we have to defend.

List Of Presidents Of The Republic Of Rino Island

  • Vittorio Rino (09-XII-2009-20-XII-2013) QEPD
  • Benedetto Samperi (12/20 2013-2015)
  • Tomás Ríos (2015-2016)
  • Jair Meza (2016)
  • Government Board, Co-Presidency of Botelo-Flores (2016-2017)
  • Dictatorship of Tomás Ríos (2017)
  • Dictatorship of Francisco Gómez (2017)
  • Governing Board, Chaired by Anastasio López (2017-20-IX-2018)
  • Marco Antonio Rino (20-IX-2018-2020)

* in bold governments chosen according to the Rino Island Political Constitution


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