Jorge de Antillón

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His Majesty
Jorge I
Jorge de Antillón
King of Numantians, Lord of Santa Tiburcia, Count of Ferraz and Duke of the Station
Official Portrait of S.M The King Jorge I
1st King of Numantia
Reign 2 February 2015 - present
Predecessor Throne established
Predecessor Office established
Successor At present
1st General Secretary of the Micronational Broadcasting Union (2015)
Predecessor Office established
3rd General Secretary of the Micronational Broadcasting Union (2015)
Gamaliel Rodríguez Agustín Q.
Successor Gamaliel Rodríguez
President of the Provisional Government of National Restoration of Rino Island
Predecessor Jair Meza
Successor Francisco Gomez
[[w:Royal house|]] House of Antillón
Occupation Student
Religion Agnostic

HM King George I is the King, Head of State and founder of the Kingdom of Numancia, as well as Founder and Secretary General of the Micronational Broadcasting Union. He is also an Occitanian and participates in the political life of this micronation.Since 2015 he is a honorary citizen of Rino Island.

During 2016 and early 2017 he was president of Rino Island together with Botan Botelo. He took office after overthrowing Jair Meza, who was missing. During his tenure, the 2016 Microvisión Festival was held, where Rino Island obtained third place.

His government was later overthrown by the coup of Tomás Ríos, former president.