Highland Region

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Borough of Avon
Borough of Highland
Flag of Highland
Country State of Avon
Established13 June 2021
Founded byAsher Young
SeatFort Cnoc
 • Total0.15 km2 (0.06 sq mi)
 • Total8

Highland is a borough of the State of Avon. It was established in June 2021 following a period of Herzetian expansion. The Battle of Highland took place in the borough during the Herzetian Nativist War, making it one of the more historically significant Avonite boroughs. It has a population of 8.


Highland's name comes from both Highland, Utah, and from the Scottish Highlands.


The flag of Sulena.

Highland was established in the Summer of 2021, during a period of Herzetian expansionism, named the Territory of Sulena. Its name and flag were changed during the transition from Herzetian sovereign power to Columbian rule in November 2021. The most crucial military encounter of the Herzetian Nativist War took place in Highland, and nowadays it is regarded as a historical site among Avonites.