Sezentrania Crisis

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Sezentrania Crisis
Date27 October 2017 - 30 0ctober 2017

 Popular Union of Occitania
 • Civil Guard
 • Occitania Self-Defense Forces

State of Sezentrania
Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania
Commanders and leaders

Occitanian leaders
President (Heneral armii) Babou Chkaya

Super-Préfet Ivanna Minaïeva

Republican-Sezentranian leader

Daniel Lee

The 2017 Occitanian constitutional crisis, also known as the Sezentrania Crisis, was a political opposition between the Popular Union of Occitania and the Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania over the issue of the Sezentrania unilateral declaration of independence.


Sezentrania joined Occitania with the federal status of State on October 19, 2017. This territory was founded by Daniel Lee. In Occitania, the governors of the federal states are appointed by the President of the Union. Daniel Lee was not appointed governor, the function filled by the Vergadering I initially.


On October 27, 2017 without any warning or message, the Occitanian authorities discovered on MicroWiki the existence of a page called Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania. After several contacts with Daniel Lee, it turns out that this one declared the independence of the Federal State he founded, but in which he has no official mandate.

One day before, on October 26, the State of Emergency was proclaimed in Occitania, in order to bypass the legislature in the proclamation of laws. On this day, and on October 27, two laws were adopted as a "presidential decree under the State of Emergency" in order to endow Occitania against the risk of sedition and to replace a local rebel leader.

On October 29, the Federal Court of Babougrad, (Supreme Court of Occitania) issued a judgment, appointing Ivanna Minaïeva as super-prefet holding all the powers locally and promising to enforce the constitution throughout the territory of the Union.[1] On this day, the FDRS declares himself as alone Sezentrania and announces that it does not recognize Occitania as a sovereign nation. Later in the day, the Occitanian Governement as exress his position about the crisis on the national blog.

On October 30, an agreement between the parties is found. The FDRS is dissolved and the State of Sezentrania moved to a Federal Republic. A Presidential election will be organized in this territory.


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