Occitania Self-Defense Forces

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Occitania Self-Defense Forces
Forces d'Auto-Défense d'Occitanie
Flag of the Occitania Self-Defense Forces
Founded17 and 18 July 2016
Current form4 August 2017
Service branchesOccitania Ground Self-Defense Force
Heneral ArmiiBabou Chkaya

The Occitanian Self-Defense Forces (Forces d'Auto-Défense d'Occitanie), or OSDF, occasionally , were the unified military forces of the Popular Union of Occitania that were established in 2017, and were controlled by the President of Occitania.


Since the establishment of the Popular Union of Occitania, the people's army was not official. This fact has not stopped him to participate in conflicts like the Gardeland Civil War, the Stupid War, the Stupid War II and the Arcadian Civil War. On 17 and 18 July 2016, the creation of the People's Army of Occitania was formalized. These days were national holidays. The PAO realize the Operation Creus. The unofficial anthem of the army was Juan sin tierra, a Mexican corrido.

On August 4, 2017, the People's Army of Occitania was repainted Occitania Self-Defense Forces.


The President of Occitania was de facto the commander-in-chief (Heneral armii) of the Occitania Self-Defense Forces. During his presidential term, he may appoint another person in his place. At each election, the position must be returned to the new president.

Military branches

Defense policy

According to a presidential decree that was subsequently enshrined in the constitution, Occitania was a micronation with a policy of neutrality. It didn't formally intervene in conflicts between other micronations.

However, it gives itself the right to intervene upstream, to guarantee its safety.

Rank structure

Heneral Armii (Commander-in-Chief)

Heneral armii

Full General (Commander-in-Chief of the OGSDF)

Full General

Chief Operating (Commander-in-Chief of the Okhrana)

Chief Operating

NEA O 9.png


Military Bases

Army Corps Base Managed by Occupation
Occitania Ground Self-Defense Force Babougrad Heneral Armii-Full General Babou Chkaya Government Security
Occitania Ground Self-Defense Force Shalom Heneral-leitenant Ivanna Minaïeva Community Safety and Territorial integrity
Occitania Ground Self-Defense Force Three Flowers Polkovnyk Vicent Branchadell Community Safety and Territorial integrity
Occitania Ground Self-Defense Force Himeji General-polkovnik Vladimir Novikov Community Safety and Territorial integrity
Okhrana Babougrad Heneral Armii-Chief Operating Babou Chkaya -