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Industry Groceries
Nations 19
Headquarters Palazu, Nedland
Stores 48
Availability Nationwide in Nedland, Coria, Lurk and the Florian Republic, partial availability in other nations
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Key people Emiel Hardy
Ned Gunderson
Nikola I

Telemart, previously known as Oxocero Telemart, is a Nedlandic grocery store chain owned by the conglomerate NedBank. It has over forty active stores in seventeen micronations and the United States. Telemarts usually consist of a refrigerator, although pantries and other places where food is stored may also be included. It is very rarely supplied by Hülegü Foods, which grows several small spice plants.

It was previously owned by the Mahusetan company Oxocero Holdings, but became a separate company once Oxocero was bought in 2017.


Neptune is a Telemart local affiliate in the Popular Union of Occitania, and at present operates four stores. These are located in the Republic of Three Flowers, Shalom, Palmola and Babougrad. It sells local fruits and vegetables from Occitania.

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