Polish Republic of Freeland

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Polish Republic of Freeland

Vīvendum et moriendum pro libertātem
(Latin: Living and dying for freedom)

Capital cityViten
Largest cityViten
Official language(s)Polish
Official religion(s)Catholicism
Short nameFreeland
GovernmentPresidential republic
- PresidentJakub Baran
- Vice-PresidentDaniel Horowski
LegislatureRada Narodowa PRF
EstablishedApril 25, 2016
Area claimed6,515 km²
CurrencyZloty (PFZ)
Time zoneUTC+02:00
National sportAssociation football
National animalEagle

The Polish Republic of Freeland is a micronation founded on 25th april 2016.


Polish Republic of Freeland was founded in 25th april 2016. Freeland is a micronation located on 6 km² island in Croatia with two colonies in Poland and Norway.

The government in Freeland are free democratic.

Freeland have one sea border and two borders in colonies: sea border with Croatia and two colonies. First colony is in Poland and second colony is in Norway.

Freeland is inspired by Liberland.

Government and politics

President Jakub Baran

Vice-President Daniel Horowski

Primie minister Filip Augustyniak


Sport Minister Filip Augustyniak

Media Minister Dominik Barczewski

Minister of E-Sport Filip Miłek

Minister of the Interior

Defence Minister

Finance and bank minister Bartosz Labuszka

Minister of Culture Kacper Michalak

Minister of forgein relations Jan Gawlak

Political parties

KWW Lepsza Polska - KWW Better Poland

Leader Mr. media minister Dominik Barczewski

Mr. E-Sport minister Filip Miłek

Mr. Minister of Culture Piotr Maciejewski

Mr. Prime Minister and sport minister Filip Augustyniak

Freelandzka Partia Robitnicza - Freeland Workers' Party

Leader Mr. president Jakub Baran

Mr. Vice-president and Minister of forgein relations Daniel Horowski

Mr. Wiktor Rzeziński

Bezpartyjni - No parties

Mr. Minister of foreign relations Jan Gawlak

Foreign relations

Very good relations

Countries recognize by Freeland

  • Catalonia
  • Republic of China
  • Free Papua Movement
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Tibet
  • UN members
  • Vatican City State
  • Republic of Kosovo
  • Transnistria
  • Somaliland
  • South Ossetia
  • Abkhazia
  • Libya

Freeland dosen't recognize

  • Donetsk Considered as a terrorist organization
  • Islamic State Considered as a terrorist organization
  • Luhansk Considered as a terrorist organization
  • Palestine Considered as a terrorist organization
  • Sahara
  • Republic of Crimea


Polish Republic of Freeland have only one Special OPS with name Green Eagles, and this is full army. In army is only 9 person, and this is the goverment. Thats the smallest army in the world.


The Freelands economy is based on selling things on polish and norwegian market sites like allegro.pl and finn.no.

Geography and climate

Freeland have 9 cities:

Our sea border with Croatia 4 km² and boreder with Poland is 2,5 km² and Norway is 0,015 km²


  • 29 January: Birthday of the President
  • 25 April: Establishment Day


In PRF we speak Polish and English. Freeland have also own names for months.

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The country operates stations nationwide PRF1 .From 1 January 2017 will start PRF 2, with the local outlined program and will include, among others, movies, series, etc. File:PRF1.jpg


President of soccer association Hubert Orzeczowski

Freeland national football team

Soccer national team is member of Micronational Virtual Football Federation (MVFF).

National stadium is 'Viten Arena' located in capital city.

Freeland is hosting first edition of MVFF World cup 2017.

PRF have one soccer league Superklasa PRF with 9 teams:


Lp. Team W D L MP Pt

1. Pnica United 13 2 1 16 41 (current champion)

2. Wolf Viten 9 3 4 16 30

3. FC Polonia Viten 8 5 3 16 29

4. KS Bruk Glavat 7 5 4 16 26

5. Lokomotiv Opolla 7 3 6 16 24

6. MKS Jekthamna 5 3 8 16 18

7. WKS Kotów Kotowina 3 4 9 16 13

8. OKS Oder Opolla 3 3 10 16 12

9. KS Oslovia 2 2 10 16 8

PRF have also national teams in Hockey and Rugby.