Principality of Radon

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Principality of Radon
Coat of arms
CapitalLareanit, Northern Avernoi, Central Radon
Largest cityLareanit
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch and Radonic
GovernmentConstitutional principality
• Prince
Nuri I
• Prime Minister
None as of yet
EstablishmentFebruary 28th, 2014
• Census
CurrencyRadonic Lare
Time zoneGMT+1

Radon (Radonic: Fresternis Reedan or Prisci Reedan), officially the Constitutional Principality of Radon is an independent principality which claims various pieces of land in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Radon is the only surviving member of the so-called Vetrisphere, which also had the State of Matsia and Mahuset in it, among others.

Radon is a "Fifth World" micronation, with a score of 12 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System and scores 3.4 on Dresner's System of Classification.


The Principality of Radon is governed as a principality. The principality is under mostly direct control of the prince. Control of its many cantons is taken by the cantonier of that particular canton.


Fraternis Reedan (2012-2013)

Fraternis Reedan, also known as the Kingdom of Radon, was founded on June 6, 2012 by Nuri I to get the feeling of autonomy. The names of the micronation's places were mostly based of elements. Approximately one month after its creation on August 8, 2012, this nation fused with Mahuset, to fall into inactivity shortly after.

Zetia (2013)

While Zetia is a fictional space nation, a real life version of it was created on Christmas Eve by the same guy. Believed by the Ashukov community on Facebook to claim the ISS and the Kingdom of Radon, Zetia collapsed shortly after.

Fresternis Reedan (2014-current)

The Three Unities (Feb-Oct 2014)

The current Radon was formed on February 28, 2014 by Nuri I and the then-king of Mahuset, Emilo I, by the signing of the Treaty of Radon. At this time, Radon grew fast in population. Five months after its creation, it fell into inactivity, presumably starting the collapse of Mahuset.

Shortly after Mahuset ended, the prince and ruler, from Radon and Matsia respectively, decided to form another union on September 6, 2014, known as the Co-Kingdom of Krasota. This was short-lived however, as Krasota rejoined a newly formed Mahuset. This Mahuset also was short-lived, as it collapsed because of an apparent ragequit.

Matsia in Radon (Oct 2014-May 2015)

And with that, Krasota also ended. Radon eventually reformed itself into a constitutional principality. In this era, the prince annexed former Matsia, at that time known as Nærtum, and appointed XO as its cantonier. Later on, Nærtum became autonomous as the Duchy of Matsia, which later became independent.

Full Independence (May 2015-current)

A short time of inactivity started before the prince made changes regarding its neutrality policy. Since then, Radon has been a part of some unions, as well as having established mutual recognition with another micronation for the first time.

Cantons and municipalities


Radon allows all cantons and municipalities to have their own culture but some use the Radonic culture, with some Dutch culture mixed in.


Radon uses the same languages as Mahuset, they're known as the Mahusetoni-Radoni languages. They are:

  • Emilan (dead)
  • Proto-Maertan (dead)
  • Maertan (dead)
  • Italic Mahusetan (dead)
  • Cefi (dead)
  • Çanif (dead)
  • Radonic
  • Mahusetan (dead)

Diplomatic Affairs

Diplomatic relations

Radon currently has diplomatic relations with the Confederacy of California and the Confederation of Mahuset.

Mutual Recognition

Radon has mutual recognition status with the Abeldane Empire, the Woodlands Republic and the United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam.

Informal relations

Radon only has informal relations with Martallt.


Radon is currently in the United Micronationals as a security council member.