Mahusetan Broadcasting Service

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Mahusetan Broadcasting Service
Type Broadcaster (Radio and television, and online
Industry Mass media
Country United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm
Headquarters Alkmaar, Mahuset
Availability Nationwide; Worldwide
Owner MahusetoniTV
Key people Emilo I

The Mahusetan Broadcasting Service, which is abbreviated as MBS, is a Mahusetan public radio and television broadcasting corporation, founded on January 2014. It is owned by MahusetoniTV, which itself is owned by the Eniak Government and Oxocero Holdings. The Mahusetan Broadcasting Service currently operates a YouTube channel but is planning to create live television shows. It mostly operates in Mærtan Ihuset.


Currently Operating

Logo and name Details
mbs1 Being MBS' main channel, it broadcasts almost everything, from news to series
mbsAIR mbsAIR is the radio program of MBS.

Planned to Operate

Logo and name Details
mbs2 Upon creation, mbs2 will broadcast programs similar to those of mbs1
mbs3 mbs3 will mainly broadcast programs related to entertainment.
mbs+ mbs+ shall mainly show Dutch programs, foreign programs and media related to music and sports.
mbsLOL mbsALOL will mainly broadcast programs related to micronational entertainment.
mbs1HD It will show mbs1 in Full HD (1920x1080).
mbs2HD It will show mbs2 in Full HD (1920x1080).
mbs3HD It will show mbs3 in Full HD (1920x1080).
mbsTRANS mbsTRANS shall be an interactive website which allows you to watch mbs for free with subtitles
mbsSKY mbsAIR is the second radio program of MBS.