Triumphant Parliament (Mahuset)

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Triumphant Parliament
TypeUnicameral legislature
Prime MinisterXO, MER
KingEmilo I, MER
Political groupsGovernment
  •      MER (3)


  •      Independent (2)

The Triumphant is the unicameral legislative and executive body of the United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm which consists of Members who represent the States of the Federation. All States are guaranteed `1 seat in the Triumphant Parliament, this seat usually belonging to the head of government of the States.

Currently Serving Members

The current serving Federal Assembly is the 3rd Federal Assembly.

Image Full Name Constituency Parliamentary Group
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Term Start Notes
EmiloPhoto.jpg Emilo I MaertanIhuset.png Mærtan Ihuset MER.png 29 May 2012
NuriPhoto.jpg Nuri van Dijk Radon Flag.png Radon MER.png 12 November 2012
MatthiesPhoto.jpg XO Matsia Flag.png Matsia MER.png 5 June 2012
GCOAMahuset.png Shady Morsi Kanifa.png United Kanifa Independent 22 May 2014
GCOAMahuset.png Hasan Çakar Starnia.png Starnia Independent Unknown