Mærtan Ihuset

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County of Mærtan Ihuset
Coat of arms
Motto: Alcmaria Victrix
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch and Mahusetan
• Count
Emilo I
Legislature't Stadsparlement
Establishment29 May 2012 / Maunesh 1, 0 AM
• Census
CurrencyMahusetoni Vetriana-Gulda, Euro
Time zoneIST (GMT+22m)

Mærtan Ihuset, officially the County of Mærtan Ihuset is a county in Mahuset which claims a part of Alkmaar. This county was founded with the intention of providing pure equality, freedom, and justice. The nation itself is a Secessionist state. It was preceded by Ihuset.


Mærtan Ihuset can be split into two separate parts that both have different origins. Mærtan was a province of Mahuset until Mærtan and Ihuset united. Mærtan comes from the Mærtan word, Mær. Mær either means meer, the Dutch word for lake, Maar, the Dutch word for "but" or both. Ihuset came from the Emilan sentence: "Koninckrijck I huset", I huset meant "in the house" in Danish or Norwegian, which referred to the first claim of Mærtan Ihuset and Mahuset, which was Huys, a part of Emilo's house. This later combined with Cookielandic Huys to form Mahusetoni le Royale.


The County of Mærtan Ihuset is governed as a county. The system for governing the Parliamentary County is outlined in the constitution of Mærtan Ihuset. The Count is the head of state, and appoints most government officials. The Stad-protector, appointed by the Count, is the head of government.

Political parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
't Stadsparlement
MER:IHUSET MER Emilo I right blue, white,
4 / 4


States and Federal departments

Mærtan Ihuset is a federation of numerous states, also called cantons, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in the constitution.

Flag Emblem or Coat of Arms Name Greater City District Parliamental Delegates
Canton of
Lake Miel
Mærtan Ihuset Emilo I
Canton of
New Alkmaar
Mærtan Ihuset Jeroen I
Canton of
Mærtan Ihuset Karin I


Mærtan Ihuset is known for using the Original Mahusetan Culture and Dutch Culture.

Diplomatic Affairs

Mærtan Ihuset can only involve in informal diplomatic affairs but currently has none.