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Husetan Canton of Icelyn

Post aquam perpetuum glorificeris, terra equus
Capital city Alkmaar
Largest city Alkmaar
Official language(s) English, Dutch and Mahusetan
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Icelyn
Demonym Icelynnish
Government Canton
- Type - Unicameral
Population 5
Currency Mahusetoni Vetriana-Gulda, Euro
Time zone IST (GMT+22m)
National sport Somebodyball
National drink Dubbelfrisss
National animal Domestic Cat
Icelyn, officially the Husetan Canton of Icelyn is a canton in Mærtan Ihuset which claims a part of Alkmaar.


Icelyn's name came from a LEGO City with the same name which was a project of King Emilo I. It is said that the name came from a place name generator on the Internet.


The Canton is under direct control of the Husetan Stadsparlement.