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For Emiel Hardy who goes by the online pseudonym, see Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy.

Oxocero N.V.
Type Broadcaster (Radio and television), interests
Industry Multiple
Country Mahuset, Nedland, Radon
Headquarters Alkmaar, Mahuset
Availability Nationwide; Worldwide
Key people Emilo I

Oxocero N.V. is a Mahusetan corporation owned by the private corporation NedBank. It was founded on October 2013, and was bought on 23 January 2017 by NedBank. It has business interests in Mahuset, but had its heyday in 2013-2014.



Logo and name Voting rights Activity
Logo Name Financial Administrative
Oxocero Entertainment 100% 100% Mahuset, Derskov-Viadalvia, Internet
Oxocero Computers 100% 100% Mahuset, the Netherlands, Internet
Post le Mahusetoni 50% 33% Mahuset