Eniak Era

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The Eniak Era was an ongoing political event within the micronational community on the rise of the Eniak ideology.


Rise of Eniakism

  • Kingdom of Mahuset Flag.png: Early Eniakism is traced to originate in Mahuset.
  • Kingdom of Mahuset Flag.png: Eniakism gains major influence in Mahuset and the Eniak Party gains support by the whole population and becomes the only party.
  • MouziloFlag.png: The Eniak Party is founded in the Mouzilo Empire.
  • Hasanistan.gif: The Hasanistani government begins to worry about the rise of Eniakism citing it similar to the rise of Communism in the USSR/Russia.
  • Akharnes flag.png: The Akharnian government votes over the banning of pro-Eniak organizations in Akharnes, however the motion isn't passed and Eniak organizations stay legal.
  • MouziloFlag.png: The Eniak Party of the Mouzilo Empire gets 18% of votes and gets represented in Mouzeliot parliament.