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United Empire of Mouzilo and Mahuset United Empire of Mouzilo, Greater Mahuset, Manupol, Mouzeliot and Starnia, New Herakleia, Scorpion Island, Kormenia and Houses of Prime and Glyfada



UEMM flag.png
UEMM Greater CoA.png 50px
Coats of Arms (greater and simplified)

Ηρωισμος, Αποφασιστικοτητα, Ελεημοσυνη (Greek)
Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig (Dutch)
Heroic, Decisive, Forgiving (English) [1]
Not decided yet.
Capital cityMahuset proposes Alkmaar, Mouzilo proposes Manupol.
Largest cityAlkmaar
Official language(s)English, Dutch, Mahusetan, Greek and Mouzeliot.
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameMahuset
GovernmentAbsolute Aristocratic Monarchy.
- EmperorEmiel Hardy
- EmperorManu II
Established8 April 2013
CurrencyIntersol, Euro, Mouzeliot Drachma.

The United Empire of Mouzilo and Mahuset was an confederation between Mouzilo and Mahuset. It was formed the 8 April 2013 by Mouzilo's and Mahuset's respective leaders, Manu II and Emiel Hardy. The Empire dissolved several months later due to minor disputes and the huge difference between the two states.


UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Beaulosagñe

25px Danland-Gamlas

Hasanistan.gif Hasanistan

Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria

Flag of Agrikesh.png Agrikesh

Flag of Mangdublah Mangdublah

234432.png Coprania

Flag of Slin.png Slin

25px Imvrassia

NFORFlag-New.png Huro-Atlantic Federation

Niclogian Flag.png Nyclos


[1] The only logical translation of this motto in Greek can be Heroism, Desisiveness, Forgiveness.