Dharmic Constitutional Monarchy of Nyclos

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Dharmic Constitutional Monarchy of Nyclos
Niclogian Flag.png
Nyclos coa.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Love, Peace & Equality
Largest cityStream
Official languagesFinnish, English, Swedish & Nyclonese
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Royal President
Nico Fors
  • Monarchy of Niclogia - 2010
  • Republic of Niclogia - 27th May 2012
  • Republic of Nyclos - September 2012
  • Hindu Theocracy of Nyclos - January 2013
  • Dharmic Constitutional Monarchy - January 2013
• 21 live in Nyclos census
CurrencyEuro and InterSol
Time zone(UTC)

Nyclos, officially the Dharmic Constitutional Monarchy of Nyclos[1] is a micronation situated partly in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. It is bordered by Finland. Nyclos was founded in 2010 as Nyclos as a Monarchy but it dissolved the Monarchy at the beginning of 2011, and then it was re-established on 27 May 2012 as Republic, and eventually it became Royal Federal Republic before Niclogia became Nyclos and then after leader, Nico Fors converted to Hinduism it turned into a Hindu nation. An estimated approximate 500 people live in Nyclos, but only 21 of the territorial citizens are registered. It is a constitutional monarchy, with the Royal President living in Fors, with the Royal Family. Nyclos also has 2 autonomous regions, called Fors and Stream but formerly claimed Gibraltar and had two colonies called Virgo Nyclos' military history includes the War on Taxes and the Mouzilo Civil War. Following the end of the civil war in the Mouzilo Empire, Nico Fors proposed Manu to give the decision of power of laws to the citizens, if the Parliament doesn't work, and Manu eventually gave the power to the people. Nyclos (Niclogia at the time) was a major aid to Manu II during the civil war.



Foreign Relations


Military History

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents (excluding Nyclos) Outcome
Allies Enemies
2012 2012 War on Taxes Newgreece1.PNG Noliga
200px-The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg Mangdublah
Noflag.png Atlantis Noligan victory
2013 2013 Mouzilo Civil War MouziloFlag.png Monarchists Red flag.png Communists
200px-The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg Mangdublah
Monarchist victory



Nyclos has two official television stations and they are:



Use Symbolism
Niclogian Flag.png National Flag The swastika on the flag is the Hindu Swastika (which has no relation to the Nazi swastika) and the blue, red and white stripes represent the flag of Fors, a state in Nyclos.
Nyclos coa.png Coats of Arms It contains a Laplandic swastika (which has no relation to the Nazi swastika) and is covered by a circle of black stars which represent the old Coat of Arms.
Black Star.png Coat of Arms
The black star was on the flag of Niclogia and on the early flag of the Nyclos.
Proposedflagofzeme.png Religious Flag This flag is used by Christian Nyclonese people. It is also used by a separatist movement who want a third state in Nyclos called Zĕmĕ.
NiclogianConfederation.png National Flag
This flag was the third flag of Niclogia and what the current Nyclonese flag is based on.
StreamFlag (1).jpg Regional Flag This flag is used for the flag of Stream, a state of Nyclos.
Fors Flag.jpg Regional Flag This flag is used for the flag of Fors, a state of Nyclos where the Royal President lives.
NiclogianMonarchy.png National Flag
This was the second flag of Nicloga and the flag longest in use in Nyclonese-Niclogian history. It was the flag which introduced the Niclogian-Nyclonese black star.
FirstFlagofNyclosNiclogia.png National Flag(Former) The first ever flag of Niclogia used during it's early periods.
VirgoFlag.png Colonial Flag(Former) Flag of the colony of Virgo, which is now a colony of Mouzilo after the Virgo Transfer however Nyclos still claim Virgo.
Flag of Union of Bir Tawil.png Colonial Flag(Former) Flag of the now dissolved Niclogian Colony of Bir Tawil. Also the flag of the Union of Bir Tawil.

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