Federal Districts of Noliga

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Federal Districts of Noliga
National Flag
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "God we love, people we trust"
Anthem: N/A
San Jacinto River
Houston, Texas
CapitalDawner, Atlantis
Largest cityLos Skate, Silvermoon
Official languagesEnglish
• Head Judge
Nick Allen
EstablishmentMay 18, 2012
• Census

Noliga (officially the Federal Districts of Noliga) is a kritarchial micronation founded on May 18, 2012 by Nick Allen. Currently, the nation is comprised of several islands unclaimed by the Texan Government in the San Jacinto River. The current president is Nick Allen, though elections are expected soon.

Government and Politics

Council of Three

The Council of Three are three judges who rule the nation. Each are elected and create the laws of the nation with help from the senate.


The MicroPact is an alliance group formed by the the Republic of Noliga to ally themselves with other nations. Right now the The States of New Canada, and The Kingdom of Danland have allied themselves with Noliga.

Security and Defence

The security for Noliga is very good. Noliga has a Police Department and a Fire Department. The Fire Department acts as the national ambulance also. The Noligan Government has three military branches which are the army, the navy, and the airforce. The Army practices with Throwing knives, Tomahawks, Hatchets, Spears, .44 Magnum, and Bows & Arrows. The Navy will always guard the seas in small two-person boats.


The Micro-Continental Islands

The Micro-Continental Islands are a group of islands owned by the Kritarchy of Noliga. These islands form a micronational continent. The islands include the following: Sunshine Bay Island which is the main island of Noliga, Goliad Island (owned by Noliga but used for the Union of Atlantis an ally nation), Marsh Bay Island known as the smallest and marshy island, and Catalysm Island to be known as the largest island.

Porter Island Colony

On November 24, 2012, the Kritarchy of Noliga noticed a small island in the middle of the the Texas & Louisiana border. Fascinated, the judges decided to claim the island and name it Porter Island. The result of this action almost lead to a dispute bewteen Walsonia. A talk has happened between the two nations which then kept peace since it was between Louisiana and Texas.


Noliga's goal is to keep a safe, air pollution free nation.