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Types of government

A kritarchy is a system of rule over a nation by judges. The term was originally used to describe the government of Israel in the biblical book of Judges. Überstadt and Noliga are the only micronations to have employed such a government.

Kritarchy in the Bible

The judges that ruled over biblical Israel for two centuries acted as military leaders acted as well as civil officers. These judges seem to have been chosen meritocratically. The Jewish kritarchial rule was highly disorderly, with foreign oppression commonplace in Israel.

Überstadti kritarchy

Überstadt's system of ruling judges involved the election of trial judges on a local level and the national election of appellate judges, including the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge acted as an executive leader and diplomat in addition to serving judicial functions. The direct democracy was replaced by a senate due to inactivity, but later deteriorated into a dictatorship by the Chief Judge.