Mouzilo civil conflict

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Mouzilo Civil Conflict
Date21 January 2013-24 January 2013

Mouzeliot victory

  • Creation of Communist West Mouzilo.
  • Temporary ban of parliament.

MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire

  • MouziloFlag.png Army
  • MouziloFlag.png Pro-Monarchists
Niclogian Flag.png Nyclos
Red flag.png Communists
200px-The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg Mangdublah

Hellenic Union:

New Russian Flag..png New Russia
Commanders and leaders
MouziloFlag.png Manu II Red flag.png Markos Apostolopoulos
MouziloFlag.png 25
Niclogian Flag.png 1
Red flag.png 10
200px-The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg 4
New Russian Flag..png 2
Casualties and losses
No Casualties No Casualties

The Mouzilo Civil Conflict was a conflict between the governmental forces and Monarchists against the Mouzeliot Communist Front.


Internal Conflict

As on Janury of 2013 the MSCP (Mouzeliot Soviet Communist Party), a parliamentary represented party, merged with the MLFP (Mouzeliot Leftist Forces Party), a non-represented party, that caused the expulsion of the MSCP, the 5th most popular party, from the Mouzeliot Parliament of the Representatives, as the Constitution states that no represented party can merge with an extra-parliamentary party, thus the government has the right of expelling the party from the parliament and, in some cases, even banning it. That caused a huge problem on Parliament meetings, as, from that point on, 4 parties, totally different between them, were left in the parliament thus no decision could be made on new laws (the situation was always 2 for, 2 against a new law). As a consequence, Mouzilo became totally inactive, in terms of new legistrature, for a period of a couple of months.

Taking this into account, the Emperor and the CNP-lead Government decided to, kind of, ban the Parliament, until new elections were held. The decision caused major reactions by leftists who felt the democracy was, actually, being banned. In fact, that was the period with the biggest demonstrations Mouzilo has ever experienced. As a consequence of these major reactions, a physical civil conflict took place on March 2013 between Mouzeliot Communists and the Imperial Forces. The crisis was resolved a few days later, but the atmosphere was still tense. A few weeks later, the leftists created a de facto independent state within Mouzilo, the ASPRM, surprisingly with no reaction by the Imperial side.

Nyclos and other intermicronational reactions

After Manu II officially announced the start of the conflict, Nyclos declared their support for the Mouzeliot government. The Mangdublahn government made a statement before declaring support for the Communists saying:

We (the Mangdublahn government) have declared our support for the Mouzeliot Communist Front against the Mouzeliot government as the government is breaching both freedom of speech in Mouzilo and freedom of expression in Mouzilo.

— Sean O'Ruriac, On the Mouzilo Civil Conflict

Both Nyclos and Mouzilo were trying to get the neutral Hasanistan to support Manu II and Mangdublah asked for support but Hasanistan announced neutrality in the conflict keeping up with their neutrality pact. New Russia (a Fawcett nation) declared support for the Communists and stating it supports all spreading of Communism. Luke Fawcett declared war on Mouzilo but it was not recognized by the Mouzeliot government, according to the New Russian government the war is still ongoing however these claims are disputed by Mouzilo's government claimig the war never even existed. Elefthria announced support for Mouzilo being a fellow Greek micronation and both members of the Hellenic Union, due to the Hellenic Union's support Imvrassia gave de jure support.