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State of Matsia
Matsia Flag.pngMatsia Arms.png

Capital cityMatsia City
Largest cityMatsia City
Official language(s)English, Dutch and Mahusetan
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameMatsia
- RulerMatthies I
- Number of seats - 4
Established3 May 2014 (current form, original form is unknown)
CurrencyMahusetoni Vetriana-Gulda, Euro
Time zoneIST (GMT+22m)
Matsia, officially the State of Matsia is a state in Mahuset which claims various pieces of land in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. 


The State of Matsia is governed as a state. The state is under direct control of the ruler.


Matsia is known for using the Original Mahusetan Culture and Dutch Culture.

Diplomatic Affairs

Matsia can only involve in informal diplomatic affairs but currently has none.