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Type Bank, conglomerate

Online products and services, agriculture and MicroCoin banking

Industry Multiple
Country Nedland, Mahuset, Radon, United States, Netherlands
Headquarters Palazu, Nedland
Availability Nationwide; Worldwide
Key people Ned Gunderson

NedBank (Dutch: NiedBank) is the Nedlandic central bank and nationally owned conglomerate, which possesses agriculture and online development firms in its holdings. Founded in November 2016, it works closely with other arms of the Nedlandic government, and currently has business interests worldwide, notably through its Telemart franchises. NedBank was initially founded to participate in the Micronational Economic Group, but soon evolved beyond this.



Logo and name Activity
Logo Name
AeroNed Nedland
Hülegü Foods Nedland
Miss Nedland Nedland
OxoceroLogo.png Oxocero Mahuset, Radon, Nedland
NedBank.png NedBank Inc. Nedland, MEG, Koss
Nedlandic Broadcasting Corporation Nedland
2017-05-21 172525.png Neptune Occitania
PPClubsLogo.png PP Clubs Mahuset, Radon, Nedland
Telemart.png Telemart Nedland, Mahuset