United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam

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United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam
NEW UR.png

"Unity Is Best"
"Song of Unity"
Capital cityTranmania
Largest cityTranmania
Official language(s)English(predominant), Irish and German
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic
Short nameUR, Doland, Jameston, Brietnam
DemonymDolandic, Jamestonic, Brietnamese
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- PresidentPresident Eoghan
- Junior PresidentJunior President James
Established3rd of Feburary 2014 (Doland)
Area claimed1000mtrs
National animalLabrador, Glen of Imaal Terrier


The "United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam" was established on the established on the 3rd of Feburary 2014 as the Kingdom of Doland, on the 2nd of December 2014 the United Republic was set up between the three Kingdoms much like the UK only all three countries were then turned to Republics.

The United Republic scores a 3.0 on the Dresner's System, and has a safety rating of 4.5 granted by the United Micronationals.


It all started in mid-September when President Eoghan, (Then King Eoghan I) asked Fionnbarra Ó Cathail of Leylandiistan as to how to run a constitutional monarchy. The advice was to have enough citizens to fill the government roles, Doland had citizens but not close enough to run the country. King Eoghan I managed to later convince King James I of Orlando to declare their independence and then become apart of a new "Union". This was initially meant to be called the "Republic of Doland" but it ended up being called a United Republic for diplomatic reasons, tensions are still tough as the two countries had just gone through a cold war and a history of fighting.

However, this union was a success as Queen Brionna I of Brietnam also agreed to join the union and infact signed the constituiton before King James I did, effectively becoming the first member country along with Doland to be a part of the UR. The government spent the next few days of independence having meetings and deciding how to run the Dolandic Overseas Territories, which all became apart of the Dominion of Doland.

On July 2015, the now President Eoghan of the UR launched 'Bright Path', a plan to make the UR a micronational regional power. This plan launched 'The Mission Center Program', and set up two different 'Mission Centers' around the globe. Mission Centers are effectively embassies but for practicality sakes are run by foreign nationals. The first Mission Center was opened in Brandholm, and the second was opened in Radon. In August 2015 President Eoghan suspended the Brandholm Mission Center citing inactivity and close proximity to the Radonic Mission Center.

From September 2015 to December 2015 the United Republic had been a significant force against 'Creneva', a separatist group attempting to gain independence from Keig. The United Republic put severe pressure on Creneva to revoke their declaration of independence. However, two months in, when the Republic of Keig finally recognized Creneva, the UR followed suit.

On February 2016, the UR became a part of an organization called the United Micronationals. The UR called for the UM's first meeting, and introduced the Defense Policy. At the same time, President Eoghan launched the Tranmania Newspaper Union. The TNU is an organization based in Tranmania (the capital) that deals with upholding quality in member newspapers, and promoting interdependence.

Pre-UR History

Doland initially controlled and claimed all of the Dolandic Isles. But on the fifth of April 2014 the Kingdom of Orlando declared it's independence. A civil war ensued with one injury and several destroyed weapons, Orlando managed to separate from Doland. Then at the start of July another war began, the First Doland-Orlando War.

This was more of a skirmish but ended up with a cold war following it. Eventually Doland won when a second skirmish ended the war. However, in the Second Doland-Orlando War Orlando won when three skirmishes caused Doland to lose New Orlando, however, Doland then invaded and annexed the territory for itself, this war continued on until the UR's fomation.

The Kingdom of Doland was a absolute monarchy, King Eoghan I conquered many territories over the course of the year. Darratopia and Newgainedland were annexed. Doland became an empire with the United-Dolandic Commonwealth ruling over three more Kingdoms, still still runs with the Dominion of Doland today.

On the Second of December 2014 King Eoghan I declared himself to be President Eoghan of the Republic of Doland. Then both Brietnam and Jameston (Both Kingdoms) merged with the newly founded Republic to start up the UR.


A dominion is much like a state in the USA. It has high autonomy from the central government but still has to abide by certain laws. There are three dominions, Doland, Jameston and Brietnam. All take up the territory the former kingdoms did. Doland caused quiet an issue with the overseas territories but eventually it was deicided they would remain a part of the Dominion of Doland.


The Government holds elections on an annual basis, as of February 2016 there have been two different elections and thus two different parliaments. There is no term limit, due to the limited population. The President, is the Head of State, Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The President also holds great power in other divisions, and can veto almost any law passing through, or atleast put that law to public vote.

The Junior President is chosen by the newly-elected President after each election, usually a President will advertise who he/she will choose to try gain votes. The Junior President deals with the day-to-day running of the country. He/she is also in charge of agriculture, sport and tourism. Finally, the Executive-Governor is not chosen by anyone, but is the candidate from a country that has neither a Junior President or President in parliament. As of February 2016 that Executive-Governor is from Brietnam.


The economy of the United Republic is mainly privatized. There is almost no businesses located inside the United Republic, due to lack of space and bad government policy. However, the UR is wealthy, due to citizens working abroad, in relatively comfortable-paying jobs. The government taxes these citizens, and pays for it's bills relying on them.


The UR launched 'Nuacht Aontaithe' in July 2015. This was an online-newspaper that served the UR. In February 2016, this was replaced by the Tranmania Herald. This is another online newspaper that is also a founding member of the Tranmania Newspaper Union.