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— Manor of  Empire of Pavlov
Seal of Tricornia
Official language(s)
Manor of the Empire of Pavlov
HIM Emperor Alexander IV & VI
HS Duke Mykola Sladzhanovych Moesiskyj
18 April 2020
Admission into the Empire
6 August 2020

Tricornia is a Manor of the Empire of Pavlov which consists of ten non-contiguous pieces of land all of which are enclaves of Serbia.

The name of the Manor was derived from its history. During the classical Roman Empire, a fortress named Tricornium or Castra Tricornia existed in the area.

Austenasian Town

The town was annexed on 18 April 2020 after being offered to and claimed for Austenasia by Lord Nikola Jovanović, but was later dissolved on 20 June 2020 after Jovanović revealed that he had supplied inaccurate information to the central government when claiming the land and forged the signatures of its alleged inhabitants. Jovanović claimed that Tricornia was inhabited by six people, all of whom resided in one of the exclaves of Tricornia. The other nine claims were comprised of uninhabited farmland allegedly owned by Jovanović. From its annexation to its dissolution, Tricornia was represented by Lord Nikola Jovanović in Parliament as its Acting Representative.

Pavlovian Manor

The Manor was annexed on 6 August 2020 after being offered to and claimed for Pavlov by HS Prince Mykola Sladzhanovych Moesiskyj.