Defender of the Faith, Turtle, and Elephants

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Defender of the Faith, Turtle, and Elephants (Latin: Fidei, testudinis et elephantorum defensor or, specifically feminine, Fidei, testudinis et elephantorum defensatrix; French: Défenseur de la Foi, la Tortue, et les Éléphants) is a phrase that has been used as part of the full style of the Pavlovian Emperor since 2020.

Pavlovian usage

The title of Defender of the Faith, Turtle, and Elephants was formally bestowed upon the Pavlovian Monarch by the Pavlovian Senate on 4 July 2020 (21 June 7528 according to the Pavlovian calendar) in recognition of his contribution to the protection of the Christian religion and of the Flat Earth theory, which in Pavlov also includes the belief in World Turtle and the elephants supporting the Earth.[1] The term is likely an allusion to the traditional British title Defender of the Faith, in use since 1507.

The phrase is traditionally used in the full title of the Pavlovian Emperor, going after "Pius Felix" and before the invocation "May the Almighty God bless his reign".