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State of Kambagrad
Etat de Kambagrad(fr)


CountryPopular Union of Occitania
LanguageFrench, Lithuanian (de jure)

GovernorVergadering I
Area Claimed~120m²
CurrencyOccitanian Franc

Kambagrad was a federal subject located in the lituanian part of Occitania.


The word Kambagrad is originated from Lithuanian word kambarys, which in english means room and from Russian part of city names - grad. It is named in tribute to Russian culture and history.

Culture and Agriculture

Kambagrad was based mainly on Agriculture. In it are grown potatoes, tomatoes, beets, other vegetables, apples, pears, cherries, plums, strawberries, other fruits. Also is grown herbs, flowers and many other plants. City of Kambagrad has a library, museum.


Until the April 26, 2017 Kambagrad was under the federal status of Autonomous Oblast. On July 9, 2017 Kambagrad became a State.


List of Governors

Took Office Left Office Logo Name Party Election
1 26 April 2017 4 July 2017 Tomas Bieliauskas Esquerra! 2017
2 4 July 2017 present Vergadering I Esquerra! Designated by the president


Kambagrad is near Novolitova

Official map of Occitania


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