State of Sezentrania

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State of Sezentrania
세젠트라니아 공화국
  State of  Popular Union of Occitania  

Motto: Vivat Gloria
Country  Popular Union of Occitania
Constituency New World
Founded 19 October 2017
Founder Daniel Lee
 - Governor Ivanna Minaïeva (super-préfet/interim)
 - Total 3
Time zone UTC +9
Code SZ

The State of Sezentrania was a federal state of the Popular Union of Occitania.


Pre-Micronationalist History

Pre-Micronational years

Pre-Republic History

The predecessor state of the Republic was the Kingdom of Granlaegs(later renamed Charn), a sockpuppet constitutional monarchy by King Daniel I with toys as most of its citizens. It had a unique culture and promoted the creation of a unique culture. In early October 2017, the King had declared the isolationist micronation "dead". Then it joined the Popular Union of Occitania as a state on the 19th of October 2017. Shortly after, it decided to leave the Federation on 27 Oct. 2017, leading to the Sezentrania Crisis. Three days later, on 30 Oct. 2017, the Sezentrania Crisis was resolved with Sezentrania rejoining the federation.

On the 28 of October of 2018, the State of Sezentrania was dissolved in the same time as the Popular Union of Occitania.


List of Governors

# Took Office Left Office Logo Name Party Election
1 19 October 2017 29 October 2017 VERG.png Vergadering I Esquerra! Designated by the president
2 29 October 2017 20 November 2017 UPON.jpg Ivanna Minaïeva Esquerra! Designated by the Federal Court after the application of the State of Sedition
3 20 November 2017 28 October 2018 UPON.jpg Daniel Lee Esquerra! Designated by the president[1]


Sezentrania has a unique culture, which it is very similar to Korean culture, due to its location within South Korea. Fish and vegetables are common ingredients, and Peppered Grilled Fish is the official dish. Sezentrania doesn't have a music culture, due to low interests in music around the nation. Reading books are also a widely-spread pastime and sports is also popular, with badminton being a popular sport.



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