National symbols of Occitania

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This article lists notable national symbols of the Popular Union of Occitania.


Flag of Occitania
See adjacent text.
Flag of Occitania
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 23 April 2017
Design Three horizontal bands (Yellow and red symbolize Aragon, Catalonia and Occitania, white symbolize peace) and a blue pall, a central blue band that splits into a horizontal Y, who symbolize the two rivers of the country, Nata and Mūša.
Designed by Babou Chkaya

After the establishment of communism, the former flag of the USSR was used as an official flag. On April, 30 a referendum will maybe change the flag.

Coat of arms

Coat of Arms of the Occitania
ArmigerThe Popular Union of Occitania
Adopted08 May 2017

The coat of arms returns to the flag. The bycephalic eagle represents the different cultures of the country. Below, Ears of Wheat, representing the country's agriculture.

National animal and tree

National anthem

The national anthem is The People's Parade. Listen it on Youtube.

French version

Du bleu de notre ciel,

Des courbures de nos rivières

Au-dessus de nos montagnes

Où les falaises font écho

À travers nos prairies

Où résonne nos chansons

Frissonne la voix de notre mie,

De notre pays Occitanie

Nous répondrons à ton appel,

Nous offrirons ce que tu demandes:

Nous vivrons, ou nous mourrons,

Nous pour toi, Occitanie

English version

From the blue of our sky,

Bends of our rivers

Above our mountains

Where the cliffs echo

Through our meadows

Where our songs resonate

Shuddering the voice of our dear,

From our country Occitania

We will answer your call,

We will offer what you ask:

We shall live, or we shall die,

We for you, Occitania

Federal flags