I Legislature (Vergadering)

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Parliament of the Popular Union of Occitania
1st Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
President of Occitania
Political groups
Presidential majority and allies (3):
  •   Esquerra! (2)
  •   Independents (1)

Alliance with the majority (1):

Opposition (0):

The I Legislature of the Vergadering it's the first parliamentary cycle of the parliament, which was open since May 22, 2017, after the legislative elections and which ended on November 22, 2017.

The first Vergadering was elected during the Occitanian general election, May 2017. Three political parties were engaged in it, Esquerra! and his coalition (left), Vibrant Left Party and Pablistas Union (right-center). Esquerra! and his coaltion wins all the constituencies and Babou Chkaya was reelected with all the deputies vote.


Constituency Party Name of the deputy
Midi-Gironde constituency   Esquerra! Babou Chkaya
Iberia constituency   Independent - Chkaya's coalition Vicent Branchadell
Septemtrio constituency   Esquerra! Tomas Bieliauskas
New World constituency   Party of Industrialists and Peasants - Chkaya's coalition Juan Cisneros

Unrepresented Territories

The states of Himeji, Sezentrania (New World constituency), Monkey Bay (Iberia constituency) and Oslovia (Septemtrio constituency) are unrepresented because they joined Occitania after the elections.