Lorena Serantes

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Lorena Serantes
Flag of the Popular Union of Occitania
Occitanian Ambassador to Spain]
Installed in office
President Babou Chkaya
Predecessor Office established
Minister of the Spaniard minority
Installed in office
President Babou Chkaya
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born Unknown
Birth name Tomas
Citizenship Spanish, Occitanian
Political party Esquerra! (May 2017)
Residence Vigo, Spain
Religion Atheism
Website TBD

Lorena Serantes is a Novoccitan artist and politician. He is best known, in the public micronational arena as Occitanian Ambassador to Spain.

Early life

Informations about Lorena Serantes's macronational life are unknown.

Micronational careere

Lorena Serantes begins in Micronationalism in 2017, as PUO citizen. On 21/06/2017, he in intronised by Babou Chkaya as Minister of the Spaniard minority. Since 23/04/2017, Lorena Serantes is Occitanian Ambassador to Spain.