Occitanian Commonwealth

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Occitanian Commonwealth
Intermicronational organisation

Official language English and French.

Membership 3 members

Head of the Commonwealth Vicent Branchadell

– Foundation 30 July 2017

The Occitanian Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 3 member states, who share strong diplomatic, historical, political or cultural ties with the Union of Nova-Occitania.


The start of the organization

The Occitanian Commonwealth was created on July 30, 2017 by the President of Occitania, Babou Chkaya and the President of the Ruterias Federation, Vladimir Novikov. The links between the two leaders were already very strong, indeed part of this Ruterias Federation had been integrated in Occitania (Himeji). On the same day, the Holy Empire of Artinia joined the Commonwealth. On August 7, Germax joined the Commonwealth.

Branchadell Period

On August 13, 2017 after the resignation of Babou Chkaya as Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth, the occitanian Vicent Branchadell was elected with 75% of the members voting (3 out of 4 micronations). Its first action is to exclude the Holy Empire of Artinia, due to their instability. The Commonwealth is dissolved and recreated at the same time as Union of Nova-Occitania. On August 13, 2019 a charter is adopted by the members.


Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth

The Occitanian Commonwealth is handled by the Head of the Commonwealth, who is elected every three months by the head of states of the member countries.

Diplomatic Commitee

The Diplomatic Commitee is responsible for the promotion of the organization as well as recruitment and questions to the press.

Culture Commitee

The Culture Commitee is responsible for the creation of a common culture as well as the organization of joint events.

  • Vladimir Novikov (30 July 2017 – 28 October 2018 )


Category of members

The members of the Occitanian Commonwealth participate fully in the political life of the organization. The charter of the Occitanian Commonwealth announces three categories of memberships :

Category Description
Republic of the Commonwealth The President of Occitania is the president of the member-state. It is up to the member state to adapt its constitution to entrust the president with legal powers or not.
Integrated state A commonwealth representative has legal powers under the constitution of the member country. This representative is appointed by the council.
Non-integrated state Basic status of a member state whose governance is not part of the commonwealth.

List of members

Member Category Notes
 Union of Nova-Occitania Republic of the Commonwealth The President of Occitania has many powers in a semi-presidential republic.
Aswington Integrated state A representative has to be nominated and a constitutional law to be adopted.
Germax Integrated state A representative has to be nominated and a constitutional law to be adopted.