Time Bank

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Time Bank EN
Banque du Temps FR
Vremenska Banka CO/SR
Type Government-owned corporation
Industry Banking financial services
Founded 30 July 2016
Founder Popular Union of Occitania
Area Served Popular Union of Occitania
Republic of Three Flowers
Kingdom of Coria
Key People
Services banking, financial services, loans,
savings, third-party logistics
Operating Income
Net Income
Owner Popular Union of Occitania
Number of employees
Website banquedutemps.cd.st

The Time Bank was the central bank of the Popular Union of Occitania.


The Popular Union of Occitania created the Time Bank. It than creates and manages the sole currency of the country. Consumer goods can also be purchased with time the New Currency of Occitania. The state budget was planned to be changed to offer other services to other micronations.

The first transaction was bewteen the Popular Union of Occitania and the Kingdom of Coria.

On the 1 October 2016, the time as currency is a failure and the Time Bank created the Rand.

Former Conversion

  • 1 hour = 41.90€
  • 1 minute = 0,69€

Money stocks

Micronation Currency Stock
Coria Corian Credit 1300ᴐ


Kind of Agency Place
Central Bank Oranje, Occitania
Banking agency Oranje, Occitania
Banking agency Kerem Shalom, Occitania
Banking agency Orleandia, Coria