Babou Chkaya

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Babou Chkaya
Computer representation of Babou Chkaya
1st President of Occitania
In office
1 October 2015 - 15 January 2018
Predecessor Office established
Successor Juan Cisneros
Prime Minister of Occitania
In office
15 January 2018 - 20 June 2018
President Juan Cisneros
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vicent Branchadell
General Secretary of the MBU
Assumed office
6 November 2017
Predecessor Jorge de Antillón
GUM Secretary for Statistical Research
Assumed office
18 March 2018
Predecessor Adam I of Überstadt
Personal information
Born 1 August 1998 (1998-08-01) (age 20)
Escaldes-Engordany, Principality of Andorra Flag of Andorra.svg.png
Citizenship Occitanian
Nationality French
Political party Esquerra! (2015-2018)
Melocoton Party (2018-)
Residence Babougrad, Occitania
Alma mater Toulouse 1 University Capitole
Occupation Student
Micronationalist Politician
Religion Roman Catholic

Babou Chkaya, (born 1st August 1998) is a micronationalist and an occitanian politician, a micronation that was founded by him on June 2015.

His presidency has been marked by socialist beginnings and then by a Social liberalism shift, the creation of a multi-ethnic and tolerant culture in Occitania, as well as a territorial expansion and the establishment of direct democracy.

He was re-elected four times in May 2016 (100%), November 2016 (68%), May 2017 (76%) and in November 2017 (78%).

Early Life

Babou Chkaya was born on 1 August 1998, in Andorra. His mother has Ukrainian origins (his great grandfather took refuge in France during the Russian Civil War). He grew up in Toulouse, France. He lives in Sderot, Israel during two years, because his father was working in a UN program in Gaza. Babou was formed in the Toulouse 1 University Capitole.

He speaks French, Occitan, Spanish, Catalan, and Afrikaans. He has been noted for his sub-standard level of Engish, which has generate several diplomatical incidents and misunderstandings.

Babou is a convinced ecologist; when he is in Toulouse, he abandons his Official state car and uses a self-service bike.

Self-service bike in Toulouse

He loves cycling, and British music like The Beatles and The Clash. His favorite musical theatre is The King and I composed by Richard Rodgers and dramatist Oscar Hammerstein II.


According to the Occitanian civil status, a citizen can choose the family name of one of his two parents. Babou Chkaya has chosen the name of his mother's family. His micronational name differs from his French identity papers. Babou is also his second given name.

Early career

On 7th June, 2015 he founds the Confederate States of Occitania and being president of the state twice. After the overthrow the former regime by the communist revolution, he became the new president of the new state. He also assured other positions in this micronation as Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Education and Science,Minister of International negotiations.

It actively participates in the Micronational Broadcasting Union.

Jupiterian presidency

As Emmanuel Macron or the Japanese traditions, Babou is rare in the media, on social networks and in his international appearances in order to make his speech and his image precious. He weighs his rare pronouncements carefully.


Babou Chkaya is the director and owner of a private press group, the Occitanian Media Group which includes three televisions (one in direct/live) and one newspaper.

Foreign position

During the US Elections Campaign in 2016, he supports Clinton. In the Nedlandic general election, May 2017, he has voted for Cianan (Humanytarian Vanguard Party).

Titles, offices and honours

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Actual offices:



  • ImvrassiaFlag.jpg - Grand Duke, 24 November 2016

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