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Occitavison Logo
Organizer TV OC
Creation 2018
Editions 2 (1 planned)
Localisation Nova-Occitania
Number of participants 6 (in 2018)
Original languages English

The Occitavision is a song competition held annually between the territories of Nova-Occitania, on the Microvision Song Festival model.


Occitania has always used national finals to choose his representative in the competition. In 2016 and 2017, two national finals were held and called Destination Rino Island and the Music Festival respectively. In 2018, TV OC decided to create a new format that would be identical for years to come. He was chosen on the image of the German Bundesvision Song Contest.


The Occitavision follows a similar format as the Microvision Song Festival: All the territories of Nova-Occitania entered one song, and once all states have performed, a winner was decided by juries vote. The winner of the Occitavision is the Occitania candidate to the next Microvision Song Festival Edition. This shows acts as an occitanian preselection to the main show.


If the choice of the organizer of the first edition had been decided unilaterally by TV OC, now the rule is that TV OC will organize with the local authorities the show in the winner of the previous year.


The original generic logo was introduced for the 2020 contest, to create a consistent visual identity. Nevertheless, a unique logo is in addition created to promote the competition each year.


Since the creation of the contest, a slogan has been associated with each contest. The slogan is decided by the host territory and is then used to develop a visual design for the contest.

Year Host Slogan
2018 Sezentrania Share Your Anthem
2019 Aragon Bajo el Mismo Sol (es: Under the Same Sun)
2020 Three Flowers Llum als Ulls (cat: Light in the Eyes)


Year Host Date Winner Song Performer Language Rank in MSF
2018 Sezentrania 28 March Aragon Ganas de Matar La Prohibida Spanish 1st
2019 Aragon 19 August Three Flowers Caminem Lluny Doctor Prats Catalan 5th
2020 Three Flowers Withdrawal


Territories that are part of the Union of Nova-Occitania are eligible to take part in the Occitavision. Since the 2020 edition, members of the Occitanian Commonwealth are also eligible to participate.

The submission of songs follows the same rules as the Microvision Song Festival, the main purpose of this contest aims to determine the representative of Nova-Occitania in this micro national contest.


Two types of entities are concerned by the vote, first of all the participants themselves, who vote for the other songs. Since the 2018 edition, international juries have also been asked to vote. In the case of the 2018 edition, the votes were never revealed. Then under the Popular Union regime, TV OC had orders to do not broadcast them with the goal of "not breaking the unity of the Popular Union".

Voting systems

Year Voting system
2018 Every contestants and foreign juries gives 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points.
2019 Every contestants gives 6, 4, 3 and 2 points, and foreign juries 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point(s)
2020 - present Every contestants gives 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2 points, and foreign juries 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point(s)

List of foreign juries

Year Foreign juries
2018 Unknown
2019 Antares, Catonia, Darta, Rino Island
2020 TBD


Occitavision is clearly the main TV OC program, as well as the most complex to organize. Below is a table with the audiences, the shows being in streaming, the audiences can change. The 2020 edition will be the first to be broadcast live, and will therefore have a dedicated section. In addition, the copy of the 2018 edition was lost because it was deleted from the Rutube platform.

The Audience ratings corresponds to all the videos dedicated to the competition, in addition to the main show.

Year Audience ratings Live audience
2018 Unknown Not broadcast live
2019 144 Not broadcast live


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