Objetivo Microvisión 2017

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Objetivo Microvisión 2017
Final12 March 2017
Presenter(s)Ana Utrilla
Directed byJorge de Antillón
Host broadcasterRadiotelevisión Numantina
Number of entries6
Voting systemThe national jury holds 50% of the decision. The international jury holds the remaining 50%.
Winning songTBA
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Objective Microvision (in spanish: Objetivo Microvisión) is the preselection numantine for the Microvision Song Contest. The winner of Objective Microvisión will represent Numancia in Tokyo, in Toyoashihara 2017. The gala of both the presentation of the candidacies and the vote is presented by Ana Utrilla, who also presented the one of 2016.

The gala of presentation of songs was emitted in Television Numantina 1 (TVN 1) 5 of November 2016. In her it competes 6 different artists with the purpose of to represent Numancia in Microvision 2017.

The voting gala will be broadcast on Televisión Numantina 1 (TVN 1) on March 12, 2017. Both national and international juries will be in charge of deciding the representative of Numancia in Microvision 2017.