Hinata Island Music Festival

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Hinata Island Music Festival

Organizer Chûô city and Hinata Broadcasting
Creation Year II (2019)
Editions 2
Localisation Chûô, Hinata
Number of participants 4
Original languages Japanese

The Hinata Island Music Festival (in japanese: ひなた島音楽祭, Hinata-shima Ongaku Sai) is an annual music contest held in Hinata. Usually, the winner goes to sing in the Microvision Song Festival in representation of Hinata.


The contest was founded in the hinata second year (2019) by the mayor of Chûô district and minister Eric Nakajima to promove the internacionalization of the island and to make a national final to choose a representant for Microvision. Since the first edition Hinata Broadcasting was the official broadcaster.


Year Artist Composers Label Song English translation Points % of points
2019 Mai Fuchigami M. Fuchigami, Y. Matsui, K. Yamamoto Lantis リベラシオン Liberation 14 34.15%
2020 GFriend TBD King Records Flower - 12 35.29%


Due the rule of the japanese language, the participants mostly are japanese, but artists with other nationalities can participate. For the second edition (2020) the korean k-pop female group GFRIEND will participate in the contest.


Artists who entered the contest twice
Artists Years Rank
Hiroshi Takeshima 2019 2
2020 3
Bed In 2019 3
2020 4


The venues of all the editions are in the Chûô beach if the weather conditions allow it. The first edition (2019) was presented by Lanna Harada, President of Hinata and former idol and assisted by the HBC subdirector, Ryûji Midoriya.



The requirements for the song are as follows:

  • All the songs will be in japanese language, partial or entirely.
  • Only four songs can be presented in each edition.
  • The minimum duration of the songs is 1:30 minutes.
  • The maximum duration of the songs is 5 minutes.
  • There is also no limitation as to the nationality Representative, the National Agency has the right to choose the one you want.
  • The song must are maximum a two years ago song.

Voting system

Exists two methods to voting the songs. There are a jury composed by the Hinata Education Minister, the Chûô Mayor and the Hinata Broadcasting director, they votes the four songs with 3, 2 and 1 points. Also, the public can vote by tweeter. The two votes are added to make the results. In the first edition due the mayor of Chuo and the director of the television network was the same person, it was decided that as a representative of Hinata Broadcasting would be voted by deputy Ryuji Midoriya who also played in Hinata Broadcasting.

Years System of votes
2019 - Now Each member of the jury send 1, 2 and 3 points in addition of the votes of each member of the public (1 vote). The jury points to its three favorite songs.