Hinata constitutional referendum

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Hinata constitutional referendum
Approves the Constitution proposal?
13 Winter I (2019)
Votes %
Yes Yes 11 78.57%
No No 3 21.43%
Total votes 14 100%
Turnout 100%

The first Hinata constitutional referendum was held in th 13th of winter of the Year I in Hinata to approve the Hinata constitution. In the referendum he won the "yes" option, immediately entering into force this constitution.


Referendum question

The referendum question was, in Japanese:


The question, in English, translate to:

Approves the Constitution proposal?

Because of the low literacy of much of the citizenship, the question of the referendum was written in both kanji and Hiragana syllabary.


Position of political parties

Position Political parties Political orientation Leaders
Yes Yes Nichiren Democratic Party Conservatism Tarô Nakajima
No No Hinata Socialist Party Socialism Ryuji Midoriya

Yes camp

The nichirenistas valued the draft constitution positively, describing it as "an opportunity for the future for the country, with stability and progress". They also asked for the favorable vote on the text.

No camp

The Socialists expressed their rejection of the draft constitution by describing it as "repressive, authoritarian and at the service of the Nichirenist party", as well as criticizing the drafting and approval process without having previously convened constituent elections or having asked for the opposition's opinion. In an official announcement the party asked the no to the constitutional text.